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Financeideas is an international financial blogging website with the motto of “making finance easy for all.”  

What does do?

Finance ideas cover a wide variety of topics with updated information. The topics include cryptocurrency, investment, insurance, personal finance, & banking. By following finance ideas, you will know the thorough review of bitcoin price, the best crypto to invest in now, the best platform to buy crypto, the latest nft news, trends in blockchain, how to invest money, personal finance management, whether you need insurance, & detailed banking. 

Finance ideas also provide users with correct, fast, and real-time updates.

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About the Founder

Hello finance lovers, my name is Tapos Kumar & founder of I have studied business administration, majoring in accounting. 

In my ten years of professional life, I have gained both academic and corporate experience. I started my career as an assistant researcher with a project on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Here I have experimented with Carrol’s CSR pyramid to find out how economic, legal, ethical & philanthropic responsibility correlated with the overall financial performance of a company. I have worked on both qualitative & quantitative research projects & published several research papers in different international journals, including prominent Emerald. I am an active research member at Research Gate, SSRN & you will find my research list at Google scholar.

I have also served as an accounting teacher.  

After several years of working, I switched from academia to corporate & work as an accountant, finance startups advisor, financial planner, funds expert, & financial analyst. Here, I have checked accounting data (financial transaction tax), financial statement analysis, model investment portfolios, fund management, ratios analysis & made financial decisions for the company. 

My mixed experience helps you to understand finance more easily than before. 

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