Best cruise destinations for couples

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Best cruise destinations for couples have become a romantic search among couples who love adventure & nature beauty. Cruise honeymoon is a Titanic feeling like Rose & Jack, but finding the best cruises for couples on a budget could be daunting. 

Therefore, a proper understanding of cruise destinations can save your special moment financially & mentally. 

Have you just married and are looking for the best cruises for couples to celebrate their honeymoon? If you answer yes, you are in the right blog post.

In this article, you will learn some hot Cruise honeymoon destinations & cool money-saving hacks that will help you before buying your final honeymoon cruise packages.

Let’s start with the following. 

Key takeaways:

  • Before choosing a honeymoon cruise package, first analyze cost benefits with other options.
  • If you can, plan to celebrate the cruise honeymoon with groups. This group honeymoon can save you money significantly. 
  • Select a lesser-known island for a cruise honeymoon. Less famous islands cost less than renowned islands.
  • If you have no financial crisis, the French Polynesia Island, Tahiti, will be your best honeymoon destination. 
  • There are some money-saving techniques to celebrate a cruise honeymoon on Tahiti. So, a tight budget doesn’t force you to select another destination if you dream of Tahiti.
  • Book a cruise three months in advance for better budgetary planning. Most cruise companies have flexible times to pay your cruise package cost.  

Honeymoon cruise packages?

There are multiple cruise packages for honeymoon with unique amenities and activities. You can choose any one from honeymoon cruise packages considering your needs & wants. 

But the recent economic downturn forces everyone to think of a budget-friendly cruise honeymoon that saves you financially. Therefore, you must understand which cruise package would economically fit your income.

Let’s understand it from a mathematical example,

Rose & Jack are planning to enjoy their honeymoon on a cruise with infinite ocean feelings. They designed a week-long celebration at Crystal Cruises, whose package cost is $3,800 per person.

Other details,

  • All-inclusive Crystal Cruises Package for 7 days = $7,600($3,800×2 people, i.e., Rose & Jack).
  • Extra activities cost (like shore excursions, Onboard activities, Taxi fare) =$400 

So, Total Crystal Cruises Cost = ($7,600+$400) 


Sometimes, we buy many things with a bundle from where a few things are unused. Human psychology positively influences spending behavior, which often leads to financial crises. 

Therefore, before buying or investing in anything, remove emotion from your heart & be a strategic planner. 

Need more clarification? Let’s consider another scenario,

Rose & Jack are thinking about independent Crystal Cruises for their honeymoon event.

Other details,

  • Cabin fare=$500 per day, so that total accommodation cost=$3,500 ($500×7)
  • Food & meals=$220 per day, so total=$1540 ($220×7)
  • Transportation cost between destinations=$600
  • Others=$200

So, Total Crystal Cruises Cost = $3,500+ $1540+ $600+ $200 


Since, $8,000>$5,840 

So, Total savings=$8,000- $5,840


See how your emotions cost extra & how you save $2,160 as a strategic buyer. 

In the above scenario, choosing a separate cruise package would be more cost-effective than buying a complete package. So, always find out the cost benefits. 

But this doesn’t mean that you should not buy any cruise package & always buy individual cruise packages. Before choosing any options, you must focus on your needs, wants, time & cost. 

Let’s introduce one of the best couple-preferred cruises.

Princess cruises?

Princess Cruises is a great choice to celebrate your honeymoon. Princess Cruises offers a variety of packages that are under budget.

Let’s see why Princess Cruises could be a better option for couples. 

Princess Cruises has many budget-friendly cabin options. If you are under a tight budget, you can buy lower-tier staterooms to save room costs.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has multiple island destinations to celebrate honeymoon. Usually, less-known island destinations cost less than famous destinations. That means Princess Cruises gives some opportunity to save money on a cruise honeymoon.

Princess Cruises package includes many entertainment facilities, which save you from paying extra. 

It is time to check what Princess Cruises offers with the honeymoon package.  

Princess Cruise honeymoon package

You will get everything that you need to celebrate your honeymoon. The Princess cruise honeymoon package includes rich room amenities, romantic dining & extra cruise activities that can make your honeymoon more memorable. 

Below are the details.

Package features                                                    Package name
Honeymoon Celebration-2023Honeymoon Deluxe-2023Honeymoon Ultimate Indulgence-2023Honeymoon Celebration-2024Honeymoon Deluxe-2024Honeymoon Ultimate Indulgence-2024
Cost ($)229449849249499949
Champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolateIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Champagne glasses with personalized engravingsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Framed formal portraitIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Honeymoon cardIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Day pass for couples to access the Thermal SuiteExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncludedIncluded
Deluxe balcony breakfast for single coupleExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncludedIncluded
Couples massageExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncludedIncluded
5-course gourmet dinner at the Crown GrillExcludedExcludedIncludedExcludedExcludedIncluded
Couples private dance lessonExcludedExcludedIncludedExcludedExcludedIncluded
Couples’ romantic candlelit dinner on the private balcony of your suiteExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncludedIncluded
Princess Cruise honeymoon package 

Discount is a common way to save money. Let’s see what Princess Cruises offers.

How to get discounts on princess cruises?

You can get discounts on princess cruises in several ways, such as coupon code, & first responder. You have to be a strategic buyer to save the maximum money. 

Below are some ways to get discounts on Princess Cruises. 

Princess Cruises military discount

Princess Cruises offers a military discount of up to 5% to 10%, which is combinable with other promotions. This discount applies to all cruise cabins & you have to show a military identification number to get it.

Say you want to buy an ocean-view cabin package worth $4,999 for seven days, including taxes, port charges & others.

How to get discounts on princess cruises

Note: price could vary based on company policy, & your package selection.

Other details,

  • You have 5% past passenger discounts & 10% military discounts.
  • New price after past passenger discount=$249.95 ($4,999×5%)
  • New sale price=$4,749.05 (4,999-$249.95)  

So, finale price after military discount =$4,749.05- ($4,749.05×10%)



You save=$4,749.05-$4,274.145


Princess Cruise coupon code 

Princess Cruise coupon codes are a great way to save money. You can save up to $1,000 or 10% on your cruise package. 

Below are the details about the Princess Cruise coupon code & discount.

Note: The coupon code is valid for a specific time. You will find details on their site. 

Code nameOff (Maximum)
PC23MILITARY10%, US military only
PC23FIRSTRESPONDER10%, first responders only
PC23STUDENT10%, students only
PC23SENIOR10%, only for senior citizens
PCBOGOFBuy one, get one
Princess Cruise coupon code 
Princess Cruise First Responder discount

Princess Cruise respects America’s first responder service & offers a 5% to 10% discount based on package & time. If you are a first responder, such as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians & paramedics, you are eligible for this discount.

Little confused! Perhaps you can’t differentiate between military discount & first responder discount.  The table below details the difference between military discounts & first responder discounts.

Key pointsMilitary discountFirst responder discount
Eligible personnelUS military, reservists & veterans, including familiesIndividuals eligible include active first responders, such as paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, emergency dispatchers, corrections officers, search and rescue personnel, and public safety officers.
Eligibility evidence copyMilitary ID card, DD Form 214, or DD Form 215Badge or certification
Discount (%)5% to 10%5% to 10%
Applicable cruisesAlaska, Caribbean, & EuropeAlaska, Caribbean, & Europe
Applicable cabinOcean View, Balcony, Concierge, and Suite.Ocean View, Balcony, Concierge, and Suite.
Combinability with other promotionsCan be combined with early booking discounts and onboard credits.Can be combined with early booking discounts and onboard credits.
Discount applicabilityThe cruise base fare excludes taxes, fees, or port charges.The cruise base fare excludes taxes, fees, or port charges.
ConditionsDepends on availability and may change without prior notice.Depends on availability and may change without prior notice.
Military and first responder discount

Note: Members of the military, particularly those engaged in domestic operations, disaster response, and humanitarian aid, are considered first responders.

Perhaps you love small ships & quiet nature. If you plan a memorable honeymoon on a small cruise ship, your subsequent interest should be the following cruise. 

Fred Olsen cruises?

Fred Olsen cruise ships are a good choice for those who want romantic itineraries & relaxed atmosphere to celebrate their honeymoon. It is a comparatively smaller ship than Princess Cruise, but you can get a personal touch, romantic destinations, enriching experiences & more.

Fred Olsen cruises

Let’s see what type of discounts Fred Olsen Cruise is giving.

Discounts on Fred Olsen cruises?

Fred Olsen Cruises offers different types of discounts based on your cruise package. Considering your need, you can choose one or combine more discount options to get the highest waiver.

Below are the details on Fred Olsen cruise discounts.

Fred Olsen Cruises discount codes

Below are the table details on Fred Olsen Cruises discount codes.

Codes nameDiscountApplicable onValidity
SAVE200$200 (per person)All cruisesDecember 31, 2023
EARLY2310% (per person)All cruisesMarch 31, 2024
GROUPSAVE55% (per person)All cruises (minimum 10 or more people)December 31, 2023
PASTPASSENGER1010% (per person)All cruises (past passengers)December 31, 2023
MILITARY55% (per person)All cruisesDecember 31, 2023
Fred Olsen Cruises discount codes
Fred Olsen cruise special offers 

Fred Olsen Cruise offers honeymooners some options to save money. 

Below are the table details on Fred Olsen cruise special offers for 2023 to 2024.

Maximum 50% off on cruise fares for 90 days advance booking.YesYes
Per stateroom maximum onboard credits$500$250
Per person reduced deposits$50$100
Maximum group discounts$5$10
Maximum past passenger discounts10%15%
Maximum military discounts5%5%
Maximum first responder discounts5%5%
Fred Olsen cruise special offers 

You may be a frugal person & looking for a budget-friendly cruise honeymoon. Are you a calculating person? If yes, then the next cruise could be your best honeymoon destination. 

P & O cruises?

P & O cruises could be your best honeymoon ship if you are looking for various destinations, budget-friendly, traditional style, & many honeymoon amenities. 

Below are some reasons why P&O Cruises could be the best honeymoon ship.

P & O cruises

P & O cruises offer everything related to honeymoon events, such as housing, meals, entertainment, and transport, that could be more cost-effective than land-based honeymoons.

P & O Cruises will charge fixed money for your cruise honeymoon. So, there is no need to pay extra money.

If you plan to arrange your honeymoon with friends or a group of people, you will get a lower per person cost. 

Say, 1 couple’s honeymoon cost = £1,000

So, 5 couple honeymoon cost=£1,000×5


That means £500 for 1 person. But under the P & O cruises package, your per-head cost would be less than £500. So, you will enjoy a more affordable price. 

P & O cruises offer flexible payment opportunities, which means if you book six months prior, you have several payment options.

For example, you have purchased a P & O cruise honeymoon package worth £5,000. Then you split £5,000 into five equal payments & pay £1,000 in each installment. This Payment option is unquestionably a great relief from an instant big money. 

It is time to check what P & O cruises have special offers for couples.

P and o cruises special offers?

P and o cruises’ special offers could vary depending on duration & dates.

P and o cruises special offers

Below is the detail on P & o cruise specials for 2023 & 2024.

DateDestinationDuration (Nights)Cabin typesRegular price (£)Discount (£)
5 Dec 2023Amsterdam4Inside Arcadia24924.9
9 Dec 2023Northern European City Escape7Inside Iona    39939.9
2 Dec 2023Caribbean14Inside Britannia99999.9
3 Feb 2024Caribbean7Inside Arvia1049   104.9
20 Apr 2024Spain France And Portugal10Inside69969.9
14 Apr 2024Mediterranean7Inside84984.9
30 Mar 2024Northern European City Escape7Inside54954.9
4 May 2024Norwegian Fjords7Inside69969.9
12 Oct 2024Spain France And Portugal9Inside79979.9
20 Apr 2024Spain France And Portugal           10Inside69969.9
P and o cruises special offers

P o Cruises also offers coupons for discounted cruise packages. 

Po cruises coupons?

P & O Cruises offer different types of coupons for their customer. This coupon could be a promotional, seasonal, honeymoon event, or a holiday special.

Below are the table details about P o Cruises coupons. 

Codes nameDiscountApplicable onValidity
PC23EARLY (Selected cruises)$400 (per person)Departing between April 1, 2024 and October 31, 2024January 31, 2024
PC23PLUS (Selected cruises)$100-$300 (per person)Departing between April 1, 2024 and October 31, 2024January 31, 2024
PC23MILITARY5% to 10%All cruisesDecember 31, 2023
PC23FIRSTRESPONDER5% to 10%All cruises December 31, 2023
PC23STUDENT5% to 10%All cruisesDecember 31, 2023
PC23SENIOR5% to 10%All cruisesDecember 31, 2023
PC23FLASH$200Selected cruisesDecember 31, 2023
PC23EXTRA$50-$150 off (per person)Selected cruisesDecember 31, 2023
Po cruises coupons

If you are a cruise lover, you must hear the name of Paul Gauguin Cruises. Paul Gauguin Cruises is considered one of the best choices for couples to celebrate their honeymoon. Are you curious about what Paul Gauguin cruises bring unique for 2023 & 2024? If yes, then your following inquiries should be the following:

Paul Gauguin Cruises?

Paul Gauguin cruises are another excellent option for a single couple’s honeymoon. By choosing Paul Gauguin Cruises, you can enjoy a variety of itineraries, solo dining, & friendly atmosphere.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Let’s see why Paul Gauguin Cruises could be your better honeymoon destination.

You can save up to 3% on onboard dining costs compared to dining at a restaurant. Paul Gauguin Cruises often provides free meals at a fair price.

Paul Gauguin Cruises operates under one currency, relieving you from currency covert expenses in multiple countries. 

You don’t need extra travel arrangements to visit multiple places in Paul Gauguin cruises. So, you can save both time & money.  

Paul Gauguin Cruises has a prepaid gratuity facility for onboard services, which will reduce your tipping expense.

The departure date helps us to plan special events accordingly. If you are serious about a cruise honeymoon, the following question will help you arrange your honeymoon.

Paul Gauguin cruise schedule?

Paul Gauguin Cruises has many departures scheduled for 2024, including 2023. 

Paul Gauguin cruise schedule

Below are the table details on Paul Gauguin’s cruise schedule. 

Leaving DateItineraryTavel nightsDirection
December 30, 2023Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands14Papeete to Marquesas Islands to Tuamotus Islands to Tahiti.
January 13, 2024Tahiti & the Society Islands7Papeete to Moorea to Huahine to Taha’a to Raiatea to Bora Bora to Papeete.
January 24, 2024Society Islands & Tuamotus10Papeete to Taha’a to Huahine to Raiatea to Rangiroa to Fakarava to Bora Bora to Papeete.
February 3, 2024Cook Islands & Society Islands11Papeete to Raiatea to Huahine to Taha’a to Rarotonga to Aitutaki to Bora Bora to Papeete.
February 17, 2024Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands.14Papeete to Marquesas Islands to Tuamotus Islands to Tahiti.
March 2, 2024Cook, Society Islands, Fiji, Tonga.14Papeete to Raiatea to Taha’a to Huahine to Vava’u to Neiafu to Ha’apai to ‘Eua to Nuku’alofa to Rarotonga to Aitutaki to Bora Bora to Papeete.
March 16, 2024Tahiti & More Society Islands8Papeete to Taha’a to Huahine to Raiatea to Moorea to Bora Bora to Papeete.
April 6, 2024Tuamotus & Islands of the Marquesas.10Papeete to Nuku Hiva to Ua Huka to Ua Pou to Tahuata to Fatu Hiva to Rangiroa to Fakarava to Bora Bora to Papeete.
April 20, 2024Crossing Oceania: Fiji to Bali14Lautoka to Savusavu to Suva to Vava’u to Neiafu to Ha’apai to ‘Eua to Nuku’alofa to Lautoka to Suva to Mystery Island to Alotau to Madang to Sepik River to Biak to Komodo to Bali.
May 4, 2024Immersive Indonesia: Singapore to Australia14Singapore to Pulau Bintan to Jakarta to Semarang to Surabaya to Komodo to Lombok to Bali to Sumbawa to Maumere to Flores to Komodo to Bali to Singapore.
May 18, 2024Crossing Melanesia: Australia to Fiji14Cairns to Lizard Island to Cooktown to Willis Islets to Osprey Reef to Espiritu Santo to Luganville to Mystery Island to Alotau to Madang to Suva to Lautoka.
June 1, 2024Tahiti & the Society Islands7Papeete to Moorea to Huahine to Taha’a to Raiatea to Bora Bora to Papeete.
June 15, 2024Society Islands & Tuamotus10Papeete to Taha’a to Huahine to Raiatea to Rangiroa to Fakarava to Bora Bora to Papeete.
June 29, 2024Society Islands Cook Islands.11Papeete to Raiatea to Huahine to Taha’a to Rarotonga to Aitutaki to Bora Bora to Papeete.
July 13, 2024Society Islands & More Tuamotus.10Papeete to Taha’a to Huahine to Raiatea to Rangiroa to Fakarava to Bora Bora to Papeete.
August 3, 2024Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands.14Papeete to Marquesas Islands to Tuamotus Islands to Tahiti.
August 17, 2024Cook & Society Islands, Fiji, Tonga.14Papeete to Raiatea to Taha’a to Huahine to Vava’u to Ne
Paul Gauguin cruise schedule

You may be thinking about cruise honeymoon prices to check budget-friendliness. Am I right? Let’s see what Paul Gauguin’s cruise will charge for your honeymoon. 

Cruise ship Paul Gauguin prices?

Paul Gauguin cruise prices could range between $5,000 to $15,000 per person for seven nights

But the price could vary depending on season, cabin type, length of the cruise travel, & your travel dates. You have to pay more for summer, holidays & extended cruise travel than spring, fall, or winter.  

Below are the table details on Paul Gauguin Cruises’ prices for seven nights in 2024 per person. 

Cruise destinationsRange price ($)
More Tuamotus & Society Islands5,500 to 10,000
Australia to Fiji9,000 to 14,000
Singapore to Australia12,000 to 17,000
Fiji to Bali10,000 to 15,000
Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands8,000 to 13,000
Marquesas Islands7,000 to 12,000
French Polynesia & the Tuamotu Islands6,000 to 10,000
Tahiti & the Society Islands5,000 to 9,000
Cruise ship Paul Gauguin prices

Now, it is high time to introduce the dream honeymoon destination of every couple. Guess what? Tahiti. Get ready with your partner to estimate money, list itinerary, & note down some money-saving techniques. 

Paul gauguin cruises Tahiti?

Paul Gauguin Cruises in Tahiti is among the best choices for new couples to celebrate their honeymoon. You can get an intimate atmosphere, gain cultural experiences, and have a beautiful sunset cruise. Paul Gauguin Cruises Tahiti also offers a variety of shore excursions and itineraries that allow guests to experience the best island feelings.

Paul gauguin cruises Tahiti

Let’s see what Tahiti honeymoon packages include for you.

Tahiti honeymoon packages?

Tahiti honeymoon includes many packages with a variety of itineraries. 

Below are the table details on Tahiti honeymoon packages.

Package nameItineraryNightsPer people price ($)-2023Per people price ($)-2024Discount (S)-2023Discount ($)-2023
Romantic EscapeTahiti & the Society Islands77,9998,2991,0001,000
Romantic EscapeFrench Polynesia & the Tuamotu Islands1010,99911,4991,5001,500
Romantic EscapeMarquesas Islands1413,99914,4992,0002,000
Romantic EscapeTahiti & the Society Islands77,4997,799750750
Romantic EscapeFrench Polynesia & the Tuamotu Islands109,99910,4991,0001,000
Romantic EscapeMarquesas Islands1412,49912,9991,5001,500
Adventure Seeker’s HoneymoonTahiti & the Society Islands78,4998,7991,0001,000
Adventure Seeker’s HoneymoonFrench Polynesia & the Tuamotu Islands1011,49911,9991,5001,500
Adventure Seeker’s HoneymoonMarquesas Islands1414,49914,9992,0002,000
Tahiti honeymoon packages

I can understand that a honeymoon isn’t only on a cruise; it is also being together in different places of Tahiti & the Society Islands. 

What to do in Tahiti & the Society Islands?

You have many options to visit in Tahiti & the Society Islands. It has both historical & nature charming places. 

Below are the details on what you can do in Tahiti & the Society Islands. 

Type of activityLocationDescription
Marae VisitRaiateaVenture into the heart of Raiatea and uncover the secrets of the ancient marae, sacred sites that whisper tales of Polynesian heritage and deep-rooted spiritual beliefs.
Tahiti ItiTahiti ItiVenture beyond the bustling shores of Tahiti and discover the serene beauty of its tranquil sister island, where lush landscapes and a relaxed ambiance await.
Lagoon CruisesVarious Islands           Embrace the allure of the South Pacific on a captivating island-hopping cruise, where crystal-clear waters beckon you to snorkel, picnic, and swim alongside vibrant marine life.
Vanilla Plantation ToursTahiti, RaiateaEmbark on a fragrant adventure, immersing yourself in the heart of vanilla plantations, where you’ll unravel the secrets of vanilla cultivation and witness firsthand its pivotal role in shaping the local economy.
Tahitian Pearl ShoppingTahitiTreasure the essence of Tahiti by acquiring exquisite black pearls, meticulously crafted by local artisans, a timeless souvenir that embodies the spirit of Polynesia.
Matira BeachBora BoraEmbrace the tranquil ambiance of Matira Beach, where powdery white sands soothe your soul, and crystal-clear turquoise waters transport you to a realm of serenity and pure relaxation.
Shark and Ray Feeding Excursions     Bora BoraVenture into the ocean’s azure depths, where you’ll witness the elegance of blacktip reef sharks and the mesmerizing dance of stingrays. This unforgettable marine encounter will ignite your sense of wonder.
Water ActivitiesVarious IslandsGlide across tranquil lagoons on a paddleboard or kayak, exploring hidden coves and discovering the wonders of the underwater world through snorkeling excursions.
Cultural ExperiencesVarious IslandsEmbark on a cultural odyssey, where you’ll witness the rhythmic grace of traditional dance performances, navigate the vibrant kaleidoscope of local markets, and uncover the fascinating stories of Polynesian heritage.
Hiking and Nature WalksMooreaTraverse verdant paths and ascend to the Belvedere Lookout, where breathtaking panoramic views of lush landscapes await.
Overwater BungalowsBora Bora, MooreaEmbrace the tranquility and serenity of overwater bungalows perched amidst pristine lagoons, where you can awaken to breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life.
Snorkeling and DivingMoorea, Bora Bora, RaiateaVenture into the mesmerizing realm of vibrant coral reefs, where a kaleidoscope of colorful marine life awaits, promising an underwater adventure.
What to do in Tahiti & the Society Islands

Tahiti has some fabulous hotels & resorts which could be under your budget. 

Honeymoon hotels in Tahiti?

You will get various types of honeymoon hotels depending on price & needs. Honeymoon hotels in Tahiti also offer promotional discounts on different occasions, such as off-peak, peak hours, holy days, travel dates & other reasons. Depending on these factors, your hotel price could vary, i.e., more or less.

Honeymoon hotels in Tahiti

Below are the table details on Honeymoon hotels in Tahiti for 2023 to 2024. 

Hotel nameLocationFlat TypePer night price ($) -2023Per night price ($)-2024Discount ($)-2023Discount ($)-2024
Fare Suisse MooreaMooreaGarden Bungalow3004005050
Royal Tahitian HotelTahitiGarden Bungalow4005007575
Maitai Polynesia Bora BoraBora BoraGarden Bungalow500600100100
Manava Suite Resort TahitiTahitiBeachfront Bungalow600700100100
Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & SpaMooreaOverwater Bungalow9001,000150150
Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach ResortMooreaOverwater Bungalow1,0001,100200200
Le Taha’a Resort & SpaTaha’aOverwater Bungalow800900150150
The BrandoTetiaroaPrivate Villa20,00022,0004,0004,400
The St. Regis Bora Bora ResortBora BoraOverwater Bungalow1,5001,600300300
The InterContinental Tahiti Resort & SpaMooreaOverwater Bungalow1,20013,00200200
Le Méridien TahitiTahitiModern accommodations1,200              1,300250250
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & SpaBora BoraOverwater bungalows1,8001,900350350
Honeymoon hotels in Tahiti

Are you feeling tired? I know this is a long article & I appreciate your patience if you are here reading the above article serially. Now it is high time to learn some money-saving hacks that will work to reduce your cruise honeymoon price. Let’s begin.  

How do you save money from Paul Gauguin’s cruise in Tahiti?

The honeymoon package price for Paul Gauguin cruises in Tahiti is unquestionably expensive. Tahiti is one of the dream destinations for couples to celebrate their honeymoon. We know that day by day, Americans are losing their income due to bad economic situations. But the honeymoon is a special moment of everyone’s life, so skipping the honeymoon is like giving up 50% happiness in life.

You have come to read this article so that you don’t need to give up your 50% happiness. You may be looking for a Tahiti honeymoon on a budget. 

How to save money from paul gauguin cruises Tahiti

Below, I will share some money-saving hacks to help you celebrate your Tahiti honeymoon under a tight budget. 

  • Book Tahiti in the rainy season

You can save up to 40% (hotel prices) from December to late February, which is considered the low season. You will experience hot air, more humid, clouds & some rain but it will last an hour. If you love rain, booking Tahiti could save you financially & mentally.  

  • Consider local foods

You can save a minimum of 10% by choosing a local restaurant. They will give you the same meal at a lower price with a local brand. Sometimes, drinking coffee at a local shop could be more enjoyable than Starbucks. If you are such a type of person, then consider these local restaurants.    

  • Book overwater bungalow for two nights

Before booking an overwater bungalow, consider your needs, i.e., how many nights you need. These two nights don’t mean that you are compromising with your honeymoon events. Instead, you are saving money smartly. 

Say you have booked an overwater bungalow for seven nights whose per night price is $1,500.

So, 7 nights price= $1,500×7


If you book for 2 nights, then price=$1,500×2


You save=$10,500-$3,000


  • Consider fewer famous islands

If you are not crazy about Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, you can consider Huahine, Raiatea, Rangiroa, Tikehau, or Fakarava, which are great islands to celebrate your honeymoon. These islands are not far from Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora & also famous for diving. 

By considering fewer famous islands, you can save up to 6% (depending on company policy), which could be a tremendous financial relief. 

  • Bring own drinks

You can bring your drinks to save money because cruises (sometimes, cruise packages include beverages) will charge for beverages. So, you can save up to 3% by bringing beverage items.

  • Early Booking Discount

Early booking can give you 10% to 30% discount based on booking duration & travel length. So, consider booking Paul Gauguin cruises Tahiti for a honeymoon 3 to 6 months in advance.

  • Group Discounts

If you are planning your honeymoon with some of your friends who will also enjoy Paul Gauguin cruises in Tahiti, then you can get 5% to 10% (10 or more passengers traveling together) on your honeymoon cruise package. 

So, before booking Paul Gauguin cruises Tahiti for a honeymoon, think about a group discount. 

  • Flexible Travel Dates

If you can adjust your schedules, consider Paul Gauguin Cruises Tahiti Flexible Travel Dates. You can get a maximum 20% discount on your cruise package by choosing Paul Gauguin Cruises’s flexible travel dates.

Usually, Paul Gauguin Cruises considers off-peak seasons (spring, fall, and winter) and shoulder seasons (April-May, September-October) flexible travel dates. 

Combined more offers with cruise package

You can add more offers with your Paul Gauguin Cruises Tahiti honeymoon package for the maximum discount. 

Let’s understand it from a mathematical example,

Andrew & Anna have booked Paul Gauguin Cruises trip to Tahiti for 7 days, whose price is $7,000.

Other details,

  • They got an early booking discount=10%
  • Off-Peak Travel =10% 
  • Group Discounts = 5%
  • Flexible Travel Dates discount= 10%

Early Booking Discount =10% ×$7000


Off-Peak Travel =10%×$7,000


Group Discounts = 5%×$7,000


Flexible Travel Dates discount=10%×$7,000


Total discount= Early Booking Discount + Off-Peak Travel + Group Discounts + Flexible Travel Dates discount

                       =$700 + $7,00 + $350 + $7,00


Net package price=$7,000 – $2,450


 Your saving=regular price – Net package price

                    =$7,000 – $4550


Concluding Thought

There are many best cruise destinations for couples, but finding on a budget could delay your honeymoon event. You have to know the best time for the cruise honeymoon package, i.e., when the company will offer the maximum discount & also your flexible time to arrange a cruise honeymoon. 

You have to analyze three crucial factors to find the best first-time cruise for couples: time, budget & destination. I hope, by reading this article, you will be able to arrange a budget-friendly cruise honeymoon. Have a lovely cruise honeymoon. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you cruise with Paul Gauguin?

Yes. Paul Gauguin Cruises is better for a luxurious and intimate cruise honeymoon experience. If you are looking for a low price with itineraries, it could not be suitable for you because Paul Gauguin Cruises is often known for its high cost and limited amenities. 

Princess cruise lines?

Princess Cruise Lines is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc, famous for its stylish ships, romantic atmosphere, and various itineraries with onboard amenities. Princess Cruises lines are good options for couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon. 

How much is a welcome gift on a Tahiti cruise?

$75 to $250 per person. However, the welcome incentive on a Tahiti cruise could vary depending on the itinerary and departure date. 

Below are the details.

ItineraryWelcome gift price ($)
Tahiti & the Society Islands – 2023, 202475
French Polynesia & the Tuamotu Islands – 2023, 2024100
Marquesas Islands – 2023, 2024150
Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands – 2024200
Crossing Oceania: Fiji to Bali – 2024225
Immersive Indonesia: Singapore to Australia – 2024250
Crossing Melanesia: Australia to Fiji – 2024175
More Tuamotus & Society Islands – 2024150
welcome gift on a Tahiti cruise

P and O cruises duty free prices?

P and O Cruise’s duty-free prices could vary depending on time & items. Below are the table details.

Item namesMaximum duty free (%)
P and O cruises duty free prices


This is not a promotional post. The information provided in this article is author’s view & only for educational purposes. By reading this, you agree that the information is not cruise honeymoon advice. Do your research before making any important financial decision. Therefore, will not be liable for your financial loss.

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