Bonk Crypto: From Dog Meme to Crypto Darling

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Bonk crypto has become one of the hot choices among investors. The recent market cap & price hike of Bonk Inu influences both retail & small investors. Meme coin investment is a combination of risk & profit. As an investor, you may have some questions on bonk crypto price.

Are you a crypto trader? Want to know whether Bonk is a good investment? How does Bitcoin ETF approval impact on Bonk token? Or many similar questions. If the answer is yes, then you are in the right article.

This blog article will give you a detailed analysis of Bonk crypto that will help you to make a Bonk investment decision.

Let’s start with the following.  

Key takeaways:

  • Bonk will not reach $1.
  • Bonk has a huge market cap, but it would be bullish to expect Bonk to overcome Shib or Dogecoin.
  • Bonk traded under both platforms, i.e., CEX & DEX, which could make it a popular meme token.
  • Bitcoin ETFs could be an indirect positive factor that helps Bonk to stabilize & increase price.
  • Bonk is a community-driven coin that could be a long-term growth barrier. 
  • Spot Bitcoin could make Bonk a profitable investment in the long term, but the historical performance of Bonk indicates a mid-term investment.  

What is bonk crypto?

Bonk is a Solana-inspired meme coin. Primarily, $Bonk was a free airdrop for the Solana community & became an emerging community coin in web3 due to fast adoption.

Bonk token aims to become the number one community coin by integrating Multichain, Defi & Gaming. You can also pay NFT mints through Bonk. 

Bonk coin price?

Bonk price was negative initially & later started to go upward. These Negative prices are typical among meme coins because their positive trends depend on hype. Bonk is a young token compared to Doge or SHIB. However, within a short time, Bonk managed to gain market traction due to positive sentiment. 

At the beginning of 2024, the Bonk coin reached its maximum price range closer to $0.000025, which is massive growth. But Bonk can’t keep it for long like other meme coins & started to fall. 

The price nature of Bonk in 2024 or later will depend on how their core team manage challenges & wins customer confidence. Then, Bonk has to face two tough competitors: Dogecoin & Shiba Inu. To be an alternative or equivalent coin, Bonk must extend market acceptance & continuously upgrade exchange services. 

We can’t say directly how Bonk’s core team will manage it. Predicting Bonk’s price would be uncertain based on historical price performance.

Meme coin psychology?

Meme coin psychology is a crypto investment model that suggests how a coin will behave in five phases. The five phases are origin, development, rise, fall & death.

Let’s understand each step for better meme coin investment.

  • Meme origin

In this phase, meme coins like Bonk would be on the infant level & within a short time, become worthless, i.e., a negative price. Investors will ignore & the coin will suffer for liquid money. The project will face a cash shortage & operating efficiency could crash

In this phase, meme coin faces many challenges that stop their growth potential. Usually, it lasts for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year.  

Origin is the best time to buy coins because memes will lose a maximum of 80% in price. Say a meme coin price is 10$ initially & gradually loses price. So, an 80% negative price means the coin is worth $2, which is a buy value. 

Meme coin psychology

Buying below the intrinsic value is the best investment strategy in stock investment. Similarly, in the meme coin, buying at the maximum lowest price means good potential for return.  

  • Meme develops

Meme coin has started to resolve challenges in the development phase, such as cash deficiency and investor confidence. 

The core team will work hard to manage funds & try to establish a positive hype among people. Usually, meme projects need 2:1 performance, i.e. $2 assets against $1 liabilities & you will find more solvency than that. 

Cash collection doesn’t assure solvency to meet current obligations because this raised fund is also one kind of liability. 

Say a meme project has $10 million in assets, $4 million fixed liabilities, current liabilities $2 million, $4 million capital & raised an extra $15m fund.

So, the accounting equation would be,

 Assets=Liabilities + Owner’s equity 

⇒ Current asset + non-current asset = Current liabilities + long-term liabilities + capital + fund capital

⇒ $15 m +$10 m =$2 m + $4 m + $4 m + $15 m

The $15 m raised fund improves cash solvency for the short term, but at the same time, it will create an obligation to pay, which is called capital in accounting. As per accounting, capital or funds are one kind of liability. According to finance, funds are called long-term debt because you collect funds for commitment.

You can buy Bonk during development, but your profit potential will decline. Let’s bring up the previous example: the intrinsic price of a meme coin is $10 & now its sales at 6$. So, you buy fewer tokens with the same money or pay more for one coin. Ultimately, your profit will decrease.  

  • Meme rise

In the rise phase, every factor associated with meme coin price works favourably. The meme will get new momentum to break all the previous price records, creating positive hype. The core team will integrate with renewed crypto exchange platforms & influencers that will make a social media trend. Social media plays a significant role in increasing meme prices, but it will not last long. 

Many investors buy the coin for FOMO, creating high demand but lower supply. If any investors buy Bonk at this level, the possibility of earning profit is not particular. 

Before buying Bonk at the risk level, you have to analyze its growth potential & how it improves its management because industry trends & stable management have a positive correlation that assures long-term growth for Meme Coin. 

  • Meme fall

You will find hype & FOMO gradually losing & prices started to fall. Usually, a meme project falls if they don’t want to run long-term or the project is launched for short-term objectives.

Another reason is starting a new coin with unique features. You will find different Pepe coins, such as Pepe 2.0, & Evil Pepe. Launching a new coin doesn’t mean destroying the previous one; instead, it is a matter of project objectives.

It is also possible that the core team have developed the previous coin enough & secured it from every risk. The team has achieved market sentiment and wants to launch multiple coins by targeting positive hype.  

Buying Bonk in the Fall phase is not wise because you will find little commitment to grow. 

  • Meme dead

In this phase, the coin will be obsolete, i.e. you will lose your entire investment. Dead could be a purchase phase if the meme project seeks more integration. 

The white paper is a lifecycle of the meme projects that indicates how they increased unique features or how many platforms are integrated. Usually, Dead behaves like the Origin phase & new emerging possibilities depend on the core teams’ achieved success. 

We don’t know how Bonk will perform after Bitcoin ETFs because Bitcoin is not a meme coin. Some meme tokens may correlate with Bitcoin or plan to associate with it. 

However, meme coin association with bitcoin ETFs will help meme to emerge from the Dead phase & would be a long-term profitable investment. 

Will BONK coin reach $1?

No. Bonk will not reach $1. Facts don’t suggest this is possible, but if Bonk keeps its current pace, it could go $1 in 2055. Bonk needs to grow 85000% more to reach $1. Is it realistically possible? No.

Will BONK coin reach $1

However, recent Bitcoin ETFs can change the themes if Bonk associates with them. Find questions about how.

Let’s see how Bitcoin ETFs can help Bonk to outperform.

Do Bitcoin ETFs boost Bonk’s price?

Bitcoin ETFs will not directly help meme coin to pump. Instead, it will create a positive sentiment to grow. Every crypto may link with Bitcoin in the coming days for better growth. 

Below are some factors that suggest why Bonk could rise.

  • Market interest

Many investors, including institutional & retails, hesitate to invest in crypto. They don’t get assurance due to crypto’s volatile nature. Bitcoin ETFs will give them an investment promise with stable growth. As a result, these types of investors gradually start to consider Bitcoin a safe investment. The broader adoption of Bitcoin will indirectly create favourable sentiments for other cryptos, including meme coins.

However, goodwill for crypto investment takes time to build. So, in short, Bonk may face price fluctuation, but it could be an outperforming coin in the long term. Find questions on how.

Do Bitcoin ETFs boost Bonk's price

If more institutional and retail investors enter the crypto market, trading volume & liquid cash will increase, which will help the project to be more financially robust. So, there would be little chance of crashing crypto or any meme projects. 

  • Demi Bitcoin

Spot bitcoin approvals make other cryptocurrencies a demi bitcoin, i.e., their price will depend on bitcoin. 

If Bitcoin surges, other cryptos will rise & if it goes down, other crypto also. We can expect better from Bitcoin ETFs, so Bonk has a chance of being a profitable investment.  

  • Meme Liquidity

Due to Bitcoin ETFs, the market would be fast & secure. More marketers will enter the Bitcoin industry & exchange money will get new momentum. More exchange platform means more liquidity & use. As a result, many investors will use Bitcoin as a mother token for meme coins. 

However, there is no official announcement, but the Bitcoin revolution will bring it today or tomorrow because more coin adoption means more acceptability. So, if this happens, Bonk has an excellent chance to outperform in the upcoming days. 

  • Industry trends

Meme is a growing industry with massive popularity, similar to AI. So, meme coins will not be obsolete; they will rebirth with good potential. If Bitcoin ETFs don’t support meme coins, another positive factor will rise to a stable meme price. 

For example, AI is continuously improving corporate performance by lowering operating costs. Due to artificial intelligence, big companies like Google and Amazon continually lay off employees. But AI also creates a new skill set of jobs like a prompt engineer. So, employment is not dying; instead, a new job is emerging.

The same thing will happen to Bonk Inu; it will not die but come with a strong form. 

Bonk coin price prediction?

The price of meme coins is primarily driven by market sentiment, social media hype, and community engagement. Bonk positively captures most of them. But Bonk has some limitations that may stop it from becoming the best meme coin.

Bonk has 4 risk factors: Competitors, market regulations, community sentiment, and large holders. 

So, the risk = Favorable factors × risk factors   

                    = 6 × 4


Maximum long-term price down=24%

Maximum long-term price ups= 76%

So, the Bonk coin could go down a maximum of 24% from its intrinsic price of $0.03 & go up a maximum of 76%. Bonk’s official sites do not mention this intrinsic price & it is not possible to find out the book value of any meme coin due to their fluctuations. Depending on Bonk’s past performance, I have taken the lowest average projection price

However, the forecasted price could vary slightly depending on the risk recovery capability of Bonk’s core team. Below are the table details on bonk price prediction for 2024 to 2030.

YearsMinimum ($)Maximum ($)Assurance (%)
bonk prediction

Where can I buy bonk coin?

Bonk Inu now exchanges with 36 crypto platforms under CEXs & DEXs (based on the article writing date). This exchange number is not fixed & will change over time. Bonk exchanges in 30 platforms under centralized exchanges (CEXs) & 6 under Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). 

You can choose any platform to buy bonk coins based on your condition. I suggest you analyze the pros & cons of the fees of every crypto exchange platform before selecting anyone. 

However, the table below will give you a detailed analysis of the top 10 crypto exchange platforms, which will help you decide which one is better.  

Trading platformsExchange typesFees (%)BenefitsDrawbacks
BinanceCEX0.1Solid liquidity, Fiat option, common interfaceMandatory KYC, high fees for few transactions
KuCoinCEX0.1Deep liquidity with wide pairs optionsLimited fiat options & less intuitive interface.
Bybit & OKXCEX0.05 for maker & 0.1 for takerMedium fees,       leverage tradingKYC required but less secure.
CoinbaseCEX0.5 spread with $1 fixed feeUser friendlyHigher spreads with limited features.
KrakenCEX0.16 maker for maker & 0.26 for takerHigh security & Margin tradingFewer Bonk pairs options but higher comparatively higher fees
RaydiumDEX0.25Fast transactions & Tight spreadsYou have to know DeFi system & a Solana wallet.
OrcaDEX0.3User friendlyLower liquidity but higher slippage risk
SerumDEX0.25Advanced order optionsNot user friendly
Gate.ioCEX0.2 for maker & 0.3 for takermedium fees & high liquidity.KYC required but technical issues are common
Phantom & SolflareSolana WalletsNot fixed, depends on providerConvenient to direct wallet purchaseNot all wallets support Bonk exchange & few fiat options
bonk crypto where to buy

Buy bonk crypto?

You can buy bonk coins from any supported exchange sites. Depending on the sites, steps may change, but overall, they would be the same as below. 

Step-1: Choose an exchange:

First, you will find two options to buy Bonk coins: Centralized and decentralized. Each option has some limitations with benefits. Select one based on your condition. 

Step-2: Registration:

Select a Bonk-supported exchange such as & Raydium. Then, give the necessary information to complete the registration. They will ask to verify your identity by giving your email address and password setting. 

Step-3: Verification:

After submitting the necessary data, they will ask you to verify your information as a part of the KYC process. 

Step-4: deposit funds:

Now you have to deposit some funds to buy $bonk. Some platforms allow fiat currency, & some can give you to buy $bonk without depositing any money. 

Step-5: Find trading pair:

Select the trading pair for your bonk coin. If you buy $bonk with fiat currency, look for a USDT/BONK pair.

Step-6: order $bonk:

You will find two options to order $bonk: market & limit. At the market, you could buy $bonk at the current price, or if you want to purchase $bonk at a certain price, choose the limit option.

Step-7: Storing

Now you can store your $bonk in an exchanger wallet or can transfer your wallet if you have one. If you have no wallet and are considering choosing anyone, first check their security & fees.

Is bonk a good investment?

Yes, for short to mid-term investment. Meme is a volatile crypto & it has significant risk for long-term profitability.

Below are the details on bonk investment.   

Is bonk a good investment

Positive meme trends

Currently, BONK is experiencing higher engagement levels than other meme coins. Bonk has 2nd highest token supply, which suggests their growing demand. Meme is a trending industry like electric vehicles. But Meme faces more volatility than EV industries. 

Crypto hype

Hype is another factor that significantly influences meme coin prices. Due to FOMO, many investors buy bonk coins & increase coin price, which later starts to decrease prices. 

$BonkDOGESHIBREBELKey features
100 trillionUnlimited1 quadrillion1 billionSupply
60 trillion132.67 billion549 trillion400 millionCirculating Supply
3rd1st2ndNewMarket Cap (meme)
43rd 10th13thNewOverall Market Cap
NFT mints, gambling, paymentsTipping, paymentsNFT mints, payments, decentralized exchangeDecentralized, fee sharing, meme networkUtility
Active and engagedLarge and establishedActive and passionateGrowingCommunity
HighModerateHighHigh (new coin)Volatility
SolidHighSolidScathing Portrait of Satoshi’s RebellionMeme Potential
bonk investment

Solid liquidity

If you see the circulating supply, you will find Bonk financially viable. Bonk has enough liquid money to meet its current expenses, which indicates a lower chance of a crash. 

Market cap

Bonk has a small market cap in meme coins & overall position is not closer to DOGE or SHIB. Can we expect Bonk to capture more of the market? Well, it depends on the management team. Does Bonk have better management than SHIB or DOGE? No, but Bonk has a dedicated team.

Volatile nature

Crypto is volatile, so investment in meme coins means risk with profit. There are two critical factors: stable management & promoters that mostly decide whether a meme coin would be profitable. 

Stable management 

Internal management conflict can destroy your Bonk investment. Want to know how? Did you invest in Pepe coin? Pepe the Frog was a trending coin & most investors bought it without considering how much their management had dedicated. Later, internal management conflict crashed Pepe coin & investors lost their confidence. So, you must study Bonk’s management team before investing in it.


Promoters or fundraisers influence meme coin prices. How often did promoters withdraw cash is a significant matter. If you find frequent withdrawal, then investing in Bonk would be risky.

As a finance researcher, I agree that in the upcoming days, currency will be digital. So, crypto will not die; instead, it will emerge with new forms & regulations. 

You will find positive hype in a recent finance magazine on bitcoin ETFs. Crypto analysts believe that ETFs with Bitcoin will significantly raise prices & also secure investment. Well, I don’t suggest you unquestioningly believe it & jump for crypto investment.

Want to know why? Let’s consider a scenario, 

You have purchased a Bonk coin after Bitcoin ETF approval. Will it stabilize meme coin price & give you 1000x return? 

I am not giving you a negative view; instead, it helps you understand the facts. Many finance giant platforms like BlackRock Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust are running after the SEC for spot bitcoin approval. These platforms give you security, reliability & fast service, but what would be the processing fees? Will it be lower, medium & massive? It could lower your investment if they provide bitcoin service with lower charges or SEC sets standard fees. So, anything could happen.   

In short, we have no publicly disclosed data about Bonk’s management team. I understand that meme coin creators use pseudonymous identities, but you must know about them as an investor. You will buy Bonk coin from your hard penny, so there is no emotion, just realistic analysis before investing in any meme coin.  

If Bonk can answer the above questions, it is a buy coin. If you want to know my opinion, I suggest a mid-term investment

Concluding Thought

A meme is an investment in a volatile project, i.e., fluctuating price is a common behavior of meme tokens. Bonk has some risk factors, but that doesn’t mean Bonk crypto is a bad investment. Every meme coin has a risk. So, risk is a common factor of every crypto, and that’s why crypto gives more profit than other investments.

However, don’t expect that Bonk will reach $1 or give you an unprecedented return within a short time. Yeah, spot bitcoin will help Bonk coin, but that doesn’t mean the price of Bonk crypto skyrocketed. 

My advice is to buy Bonk for short to mid-term investment & expect a maximum of 76% profits.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bonk coin market cap?

Bonk has a market cap of $911,315,053 (based on the article writing date). BONK has a Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake combination to improve scalability. It is expected that Bonk will rise & increase its market cap. 


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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