Book of Woof meme coin: Will Book of Woof Take You to the Moon

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Book of Woof meme coin has become a hot crypto among traders for the Solana ecosystem. Meme investors who missed doge or Bonk are eagerly looking for an alternative meme coin.  Could Book of Woof be Bonk‘s alternative? Or will $BOWOOF be the next big meme coin?

As a meme investor, asking such questions is logical. Questions lead us to solutions, and solutions help us make an effective crypto investment. Do you have questions about $BOWOOF? If your response is yes, then you are in the right article. This article will guide you through the Book of Woof in detail and help you make investment decisions. If you are not in a hurry, let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways

  • Book of Woof featured dog sheltered.
  • Book of Woof meme coin has good potential to surge in the upcoming time.
  • $BOWOOF aims to build a community of dog lovers.
  • Dog charity featured NFT could make BOWOOF a profitable meme coin.

What is the Book of Woof?

Book of Woof is a dog-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain. Its native token is $BOWOOF. Book of Woof targets the spirit and howls of dogs. Due to the Solana blockchain, we can expect fast transaction speeds and low fees.

Though dogs are popular faces in meme coins, expecting outperformance similar to Doge or Bonk would be bullish. Memes are volatile in nature, so price based on hype is typical.

Is $BOWOOF next Bonk?

Book of Woof is a new hope on the Solana network. The project has many features that could make it a BONK alternative. Let’s analyze the details to check whether it could be the next BONK.

  • $BOWOOF Presale

Book of Woof allocates 75% of tokens for Presale. If you read my crypto articles regularly, you know that 20 to 30% is the standard for presale token allocation. Meme coin is volatile in nature and involves significant risk with investment.

Therefore, the crypto project should come with a clear vision that can gain customer trust. Usually, more token allocation for Presale suggests a quick fund collection tendency without focusing on sustainability. Do the core teams of $BOWOOF have valid reasons why 75% of tokens are for Presale? They must have. Otherwise, buyers will consider it a risky investment. Why? Dog-based meme coin has a reasonable success rate, i.e., has a proven record of profitability. Therefore, buyers will think that $BOWOOF is just trying to copy the success hype of a dog-themed meme coin.

  • $BOWOOF Liquidity

Liquidity helps to run the project smoothly and stabilize the token price against unequal demand and supply. For example, if the core team of $BOWOOF sells many tokens instantly, liquidity helps minimize price fluctuations. Therefore, the project will gain customer trust, and more people will buy it for assured profit.

There are no golden rules regarding how much token a project should allocate for liquidity. But 20 to 30% is standard for a new meme project to achieve initial market confidence and attract early adopters. The $BOWOOF project allocates 25% tokens for liquidity, which is standard.

Is $BOWOOF next Bonk

However, locking liquidity for a certain period could be more beneficial for $BOWOOF because it will signal the project’s long-term commitment. Crypto is not a quick profit-earning investment; instead, it is a game of patience and detailed analysis. But I am not a part of the core team, so I can’t be bullish about Book of Woof’s liquidity mechanism.

  • $BOWOOF 0% Buy/Sell Tax

Zero tax on crypto transactions will allure more investors to buy Book of Woof. The project will see higher trading volume and positive hype among buyers. However, profitable crypto investment refers to both side benefits, i.e., buyers and the project. The zero tax mechanism will force $BOWOOF to rely on external funding, which could be a concern for a long-term stable price.

The project may have enough strategy to tackle such situations, but we can’t make crypto investment decisions based on assumptions.


Book of Woof targets dog charities through NFT. Although NFT’s growth is slow now, it could allure dog lovers. Partnerships with animal shelters will boost revenue, ultimately leading to a profitable crypto.

  • $BOWOOF ecosystem

The $BOWOOF ecosystem comprises three elements: bridge, Perps DEX, and staking. The project aims to connect multiple blockchains to an easy crypto exchange. The unique part is that all the revenue that comes from diverse blockchains will be used to burn $BOWOOF.

So, the core team targets to hike the price by eliminating tokens, i.e., higher demand against limited tokens.

The Perps DEX mechanism will allow traders perpetual contracts for cryptocurrencies. Traders can hold their position as they wish because perpetual contracts have no expiry date.

So, how is the price rate determined under perpetual contact?

Well, you will get a new price (usually after one hour) depending on your holding period and current exchange rates. The funding rate would be positive if the perpetual contract price is greater than the spot price. Inversely, the funding rate would be negative if the perpetual contract price is smaller than the spot price. Perpetual contracts are good hedging against poor-performing crypto but involve significant risks.

I don’t suggest it for a new trader as a finance professional—perhaps the management of $BOWOOF target experience meme traders.

Under staking, buyers will have an opportunity to participate in network activation. By validating the blocks on the BOWOOF ecosystem, holders will earn rewards, and the network will be more secure. The $BOWOOF ecosystem seems a rational approach for both traders and the project’s sustainability.  

How To Buy $BOWOOF?

You can buy BOWOOF by following similar steps (like $KAI or other meme coins) during the presale on Pink sale. The $BOWOOF project ensures to go live on Raydium. Below are the steps.

  • Step 1: Visit the BOWOOF site

First, visit the $BOWOOF website and click on “How to buy BOWOOF” (scroll down to the third page). Clicking will lead to another page, where Pinksale options are on the right side.

  • Step-2: connect wallet

Click on the connect wallet option (below presale options). You will see a Solana-supported wallet with other options. Pick one from these.

How To Buy $BOWOOF
  • Step-3: Buy $BOWOOF

Enter equivalent SOL to buy BOWOOF and confirm the purchase. If everything goes well, you will see a congratulatory message.

Concluding Thought

The Book of Woof meme coin is a promising project. The project targets dog shelter sectors with favorable growth potential.

Additionally, $BOWOOF is on the Solana blockchain, which has long-term customer trust. However, we can’t predict how the core team of $BOWOOF will increase future contacts with the dog charity project. Therefore, expecting performance like Doge or BONK would be bullish.

Overall, $BOWOOF suggests buying a meme coin.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is the current exchange rate of $BOWOOF?

You can buy 13,044,849.2104 BOWOOF for one SOL. That means you can buy 13,044,849.2104 BOWOOF with $163.07 (based on article writing date, 1 SOL=$163.07)

What is the total token supply of BOWOOF?

The total token supply of the Book of Woof meme coin is 690,000,000. Of this, 453,201,970 tokens were allocated for presale, and 236,798,029.325 were allocated for liquidity.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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