ButtChain meme coin

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What is a ButtChain meme coin?

ButtChain is a Bitcoin-inspired auto liquidity meme coin on the Polygon blockchain. Its native token is BUTT. As a meme coin, the value of the ButtChain token will depend on internet hype, i.e., price fluctuation is expected. 

However, due to the Polygon network, ButtChain can perform faster transactions with minimum fees. Moreover, the project introduces a referral program that could benefit both users and ButtChain. As a holder, you can earn money by promoting the ButtChain token, and the ButtChain project will gain familiarity among a mass audience, ultimately creating brand awareness. 

Is ButtChain the Next prominent cryptocurrency? 

  • Auto Liquidity

Auto liquidity could be beneficial in various ways. It can speed transactions, balance market hype, win customer confidence, and stabilize price volatility. It also signals to investors that the project has a long-term vision. Have you found any questions? Let’s consider a scenario,

Many people in New York choose Chase Bank to deposit money for a better transaction experience. Black Friday is coming & most of the account holders make a list to buy different types of home products. The surprising fact is that some can’t withdraw money or show a limit to card transactions. 

Is such an event good for Chase Bank? Certainly not. Why? People take it as a cash shortage crisis & the bank could collapse at any time, like Silicon Valley Bank. Overall, Chase Bank will face negative market sentiment among mass people. 

What if the opposite event happens? I.e. People get liquid money when necessary. They consider Chase Bank a reliable one and can convince others to open accounts at Chase Bank. 

Auto liquidity works like Chase Bank above. It provides holders with an instant token exchange facility that satisfies customer demand, and they start to believe that this crypto project does not have a cash deficiency. 

The ButtChain whitepaper indicates that 20% of sales are automatically liquidated into Uniswap to meet holders’ immediate cash needs. So, the core team of ButtChain researched the crypto market in detail and made a strategic move to hold buyers long-term, which suggests profitability. 


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