FET price prediction: Soaring or Sinking?

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FET price prediction has become a search topic after the success of the Fetch AI airdrops. Experts are bullish on the FET token price. They believe that free airdrops will increase usage & transaction volume.
Crypto is a hype industry that lasts for a short moment. So young crypto traders may have many questions about the FET price forecast, such as whether Fetch will reach $5 or $10.
If you are looking for the perfect analysis for Fetch AI crypto price, then you are in the right article. This article details the answer to every question that is associated with FET investment.
Let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways:

  • Fetch AI will not reach $5 or $10
  • FET could surge your investment up to 350%
  • Fetch ai is not a meme coin.
  • You can claim free tokens from FEET airdrop events.

What is Fetch.ai?

The fetch ai is a community-driven digital currency on the blockchain. Fetch has fast transaction processing power but charges low fees. As a user, you will get rewards for holding & trading FET tokens.

Below are the table details on Fetch AI crypto.

PlatformsDecentralized machine learning platform
Native TokenFET
Token UtilityPay for platform services, token governance, stake for rewards
Circulating token Supply1,043,462,805
Max Supply1,152,997,575
Fully diluted market cap$1,282,821,079
Fetch ai crypto

Fetch AI airdrop?

Fetch.ai airdrops are special events where free tokens will be distributed as a reward among NFT and DeFi users. 

This airdrop distributes 500 USD & also allows to govern tokens. If you want decentralized finance and community-led crypto projects, FET airdrops are for you.

Fetch AI airdrop

How to claim fetch AI airdrop?

You can claim to fetch AI-free airdrops in three ways. Below are the steps.

  • Step 1: Visit the airdrop page  

Visit the Fetch.ai Free airdrop page for details on eligibility. You must prove that you are a human by captcha. Don’t use a VPN; otherwise, you may have difficulty entering the system.  

Fetch ai airdrop page
  • Step 2: Connect the wallet

Link your crypto wallet, but don’t use unused or new wallets

Connect the wallet
  • Step-3: Claim

Now, this is the time to claim your reward tokens. You will watch a congratulatory message after success.

Claim FET airdrops

FET crypto price?

Initially, FET shows a downward price drop trend, but the latter indicates an upward trend. Downward suggests less interest in the crypto market, whereas upward indicates growing interest among crypto traders.

AI & blockchain has a promising future. So, investors took it positively & started to buy more tokens. Media also play a crucial role in creating positive hype among crypto traders. Positive market sentiments hike demand & create an imbalance between demand & supply. Traders show interest in paying higher prices, seeing it as a secure investment.

FET crypto price

So, the demand & supply curve works here, i.e., limited supply but higher demand increases the token price.

However, every hype has a lifetime & FET has also. Later, fetch AI started to lose price again, but after the year’s end, it began to boom. AI’s recent development helps boost it, but again, it will lose price as previously.

So, FET is influenced by bullish & bearish market sentiment. Bullish increase price & bearish down price.

The historical price chart suggests a potential increase in fetch ai price in short. Fetch AI must work hard to stabilize price fluctuation to be a long-term profitable crypto project.

FET Crypto price prediction?

Forecasting crypto prices depends on many factors. No single factor can skyrocket FET price overnight. 

Let’s understand it from a mathematical equation.

Crypto price forecast= C + F + T

“C” indicates how the community responds to the coin.

 “F” suggests the ability of the core team to secure future contact.

“T” refers to whether the crypto is a trending industry.

Let’s check how fetch ai performs on this equation.

  • Community Response-C 

FET airdrop creates positive hype on social media platforms. Users of Fetch ai share their profits & inspire others for FET tokens. Positive sentiments are crucial in hiking crypto prices because they encourage new traders to buy it. More FET buying will increase token prices like high demand & low supply rules. 

So, FET has a positive sentiment of being a profitable crypto.

  • Future contacts -(F)

Fetch ai has already caught user attention as a fast, secure & cheaper crypto. If they continue the trend, FET could become a competitor of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

However, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are prominent meme coins with strong business contracts. FET needs more future contact to be equivalent to them.

We can’t be bullish that it is impossible to achieve because crypto is a volatile project & most of the success depends on the dedication of the core team.

  • Trending industry – (T)

FET is a combination of artificial intelligence & blockchain. We can consider it as a hybrid token that has both features. AI & blockchain are both trending industries with increasing adoption. Acceptability plays a significant role in the hike of crypto prices.

However, fetch AI must ensure a large number of platform adoptions. FET has already offered multiple trading pair options, so we can also expect a similar approach for crypto exchange platforms.

FET has strong “C” & “T” but moderate “F.” So, we can’t be bullish in stating that FET crypto will surge by up to 500%.

If FET wants to reach $5, then the token needs 455% better performance than its competitors. Is it financially logical? As a crypto analyst, I am bearish on that.

So, how much could it surge in the long term? If everything is going okay with fetch AI crypto, it could surge up to 350% in the long term.

The table details the FET price forecast below.

Maximum ($)Minimum ($)Years
FET Crypto price prediction

How to buy fetch AI on Binance?

You can buy Fetch ai from Bitstamp, Huobi, Crypto.com, Bybit, Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase & Bitfinex. Each platform has benefits, but which one would be best for you depends on your preference. 

All the platforms follow similar steps, with some variations. Below, I have given instructions on how to buy Fetch AI from Binance. 

Step 1: Create an account

Visit the Binance website & register with the required details. Binance will ask you to verify your identity to set up an account (mobile number & email). You can also create a Binance account on Apps.

Step 2: Fund your account

You will see a deposit funds button on the computer screen. Choose your payment methods and amounts, then click the button.  

Step-3: Search

Write Fetch ai on the search bar & click. Then, you will see trading options & select them.

Step-4: Buy

Now buy FET with equivalence money & click on the confirm button. If your buy becomes successful, you will see FET coins in your portfolio.

Concluding Thought

Fetch ai buys crypto but expects more profit than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which would be bullish. My analysis suggests that FET price could surge up to 350% if they keep the current pace. Every factor that favors crypto price is bullish thinking. FET will go up & fall in the short term, but in the long term, it will be a profitable crypto project.

In a simple word, FET is one of the hot crypto coins that can give you maximum returns in the long term.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fetch.ai coin market cap? 

The Fetch ai coin’s total market cap is $1,154,508,110 (based on my article writing date) 

Can fetch.ai reach $10?

No. Fetch.ai will not reach $10. Can Fetch AI Crypto beat Dogecoin and Shiba Inu? No. Fetch AI needs to perform 900 times more than its competitors to get $10, which would be very challenging.   


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, FinanceIdeas.org will not be liable for this.

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