Hedera crypto price prediction

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Hedera crypto price prediction has become a debatable topic among crypto analysts. The Bitcoin revolution after ETF approval created positive hype among traders who want to know whether Hedera is a profitable investment.

Hedera is a Hashgraph-based decentralized distributed ledger that can perform multiple tasks Quickly. So, how much could the price of Hedera crypto surge? Will it be the next big crypto?

If you are a crypto trader or a novice trader looking for the next better crypto project, such questions are expected.

Don’t worry—this article is dedicated to answering most of the questions that may arise.

Let’s start with the following. 

Key takeaways:

  • Hedera could surge more than 50% in the short term.
  • Hedera has a unique governance system.
  • Economic conditions will affect Hedera’s performance.
  • Hedera must update technology to be equivalent to crypto like Solana and Avalanche.
  • Hedera shows a more promising return for long-term investment.
  • In the short term, Hedera’s price could fluctuate, but in the long term, it will surge significantly. 

What is HBAR?

Hedera is the native crypto of the Hedera network. It performs several tasks, such as transaction fees and network security, through the proof-of-stake protocol.

Hedera has 50 billion coins & you can buy from different trading platforms.  

The unique feature is Hedera built on hash graph consensus & familiar for top-tier security standards. It could process your crypto transactions fast with minimal bandwidth usage.

HBAR price?

The price of Hedera peaked at $0.126, a 7% increase within a single day. This massive market performance is part of last month’s 85% crypto surge. The live market capitalization of Hedera increased by $4 billion, which is really impressive. 

HBAR price

Crypto is a volatile project, so upswings are common. The recent Bitcoin rally could have created positive hype among traders, and they bought it due to FOMO. 

So, we can’t predict how much Hedera will surge based on single-day price performance. However, it does signal a buy of crypto. 

Let’s see how Hedera performs in the long term. 

Hedera crypto price?

The price chart of Hedera shows a volatile nature over time. Hype plays a significant role in hiking the price of meme coins. Past Strick Crypto regulations perhaps create a negative sentiment among traders, which affects the price of Hedera. 

Hedera crypto price

Price fluctuation is typical among cryptos that doesn’t suggest a potential crash. Traders may get similar tokens with better performance signs, allowing them to buy Hedera tokens. If there is no demand, there will be no increased price. Let’s see an example,

There are three meme coins: Hedera, Solana, Avalanche 

The price of one coin for Hedera= $0.136796 

The price of one coin of Solana = $141.17 

The price of one coin of Avalanche = $42.37 

Other features  

Market sentimentPositivePositiveNeutral
Media hypeStrongMediumSimple
Hedera’s competitors

Hedera offers a comparatively lower price than the other two, but that doesn’t motivate traders to buy. Hedera must assure future performance through increased adoption, updated technology, and positive hype. 

Internal trading is another factor that investors want to know. In a crypto project, we don’t access the details of the core team, but they must give some signal about promoters. If the project raises enough funds and some promoters withdraw without prior notice or often withdraw money, that will definitely discourage crypto traders from buying Hedera. 

The moral is if traders do not trust Hedera, they will not buy it. There will be no increased price if there are no purchases or fewer purchases. 

Hedera should create high demand against limited tokens & if they can do it, Hedera would be a profitable crypto. 

We can’t be bullish on it because it is a matter of the management team.  

However, Hedera shows a price hike in March 2024, which could be due to recent meme coin performance and overall crypto sentiment. The question at this point is, will Hedera keep this pace for a long time? The answer could be yes or No. So, my analysis would be neutral on the Hedera price forecast.

Hedera crypto price prediction?

My analysis has found that 2025, 2028 & 2030 could be the best-performing years for Hedera crypto. So, you will see a maximum price hike in these three years. Hedera is now in the development phase & needs time to mature for a profitable project. 

The recent hype suggests Hedera could surge 67% at the end of 2024. If this surge happens, then Hedera crypto will reach $0.178, where bearish sentiments suggest $0.14

However, recent crypto sentiments boost crypto prices, and every hype has a lifetime. Hedera has enough potential to surge 67%, but that would be short-term. 

The table below gives details on the Hedera crypto price forecast. 

Maximum price ($)Minimum price ($)Years
0.300.20 (bullish= $5)2025
0.200.12 (Bullish= $7)2028
1.220.42 (Bullish=$10)2030
Hedera crypto price prediction

Will hbar reach $20?

The bullish answer is yes. Hedera has enough potential to reach $20. 

Firstly, HBAR has unique ledger technology supported by an acyclic graph. This acyclic graph creates authoritative consensus using an asynchronous Byzantine Fault-Tolerant algorithm.

Secondly, HBAR will burn tokens against market fluctuation, which helps them stabilize prices.

Will hbar reach $20

Thirdly, HBAR is working on CBDC, which will facilitate the exchange of central bank currency. So, such an approach definitely creates positive hype for Hedera and helps it reach $20. 

Fourth, Hedera has globally diverse governing councils, which could bring trust and stability to the project. This type of governance can boost investors’ confidence by improving scalability and overall performance.

Keep in mind that reaching $20 is an ambitious target. Many factors push crypto’s price, and expecting favorable actions from each component would be optimistic.   

Where to buy hbar?

You can buy Hedera crypto from different platforms like centralized exchanges or peer-to-peer marketplaces. 

All the platforms follow similar steps with minor variations. Below, I have provided detailed steps for buying Hedera from Binance. 

  • Step-1 Create account

You can register your account on Binance via the app or website. You can use mobile number or email to register account from website.

  •  Step-2 Fund your account

Go to the fund tab on your Binance account. Here, you will find multiple options to buy, such as Debit/Credit card, Bank deposit, P2P, and more. 

You can also use a stablecoin to buy Hedera.  

  • Step-3 Deposit

Click the deposit button. 

  • Step-4 QR code

Scan the deposit and scan the QR code. 

  • Step-5 Transfer fund

Transfer equivalent funds from your wallets to the deposit address. 

  • Step-6 Search pair 

Go to the exchange tab & search HBAR/USDT.

  • Step-7 Buy

Click the buy button & enter the amount.

  • Step-8 confirmation

If you successfully enter accurate data, then you will see a confirmation message. 

Concluding Thought

Hedera is a Hashgraph technology-based crypto. Its overall features & recent market performance suggest buying tokens.

Crypto is a volatile investment and positive hype quickly raises its price. Therefore, before buying Hedera, you must analyze it in detail. 

My analysis suggests Hedera could be profitable for both short-term and long-term investments. In the short term, you can expect a more than 50% price increase, but if you are patient, you can make more than 100x profit. 

Again, the above price prediction is only achievable if they bring innovation & create positive hype. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HBAR all time high?

HBAR’s all-time high was $0.5692 on September 16, 2021.     


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