Is Microsoft stock a buy?

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Stock price history Microsoft?

Microsoft’s stock price history chart indicates strong market capture trends. Microsoft has become successful in increasing external funding through mergers & acquisitions. Fund has a positive relation with working capital. More quick assets mean less current obligation than assets. Microsoft must increase the amount of external funding to be a competitive stock like Apple or Google. 

However, the price line has not been stable over the years, which indicates their short-term crisis. There is no company whose price doesn’t fluctuate. Fluctuation is a typical pattern that does not affect whether the stock will crash. Usually, tech companies invest vast amounts of money on long-term projects, creating a short-term cash shortage

But stock price continuously drops, indicating fewer sales or project failures. Microsoft’s price pattern suggests a recovering trend for the down price (2023), signaling their project completion success. 

Microsoft has long-term customer trust in the tech industry. So, overcoming challenges would be short-term; they will rebound with the new product line. Making products diversify with changing times is essential to keep the growth pace & Microsoft did the exact thing.  

Its recent merger with OpenAI & acquisition of Activision Blizzard strengthens Microsoft’s gaming portfolio and artificial intelligence. Gaming & AI are a growing industry with promising growth. So, Microsoft will gain a competitive advantage from it, but we can’t predict how much.  

A big company means big competitors. Can Microsoft beat its competitors, such as Google and Apple, in individual product markets? How will Microsoft manage inflation? Will Microsoft have enough plans for political instability? 

So, Microsoft’s management must answer the above questions to gain shareholder confidence. But, based on historical performance, my analysis is a buy stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Microsoft stock split?

No. There has yet to be an official announcement from Microsoft to split stock

However, Microsoft has a long history of splitting its stock. From 1987 to 2024, it has gone 9-time stock split & most of split occur within 90’s. 

My analysis has found, on average, Microsoft split stock after three years. We can expect that 2025 to 2027 will be the year of another stock split. 

Below is the table detail on Microsoft stock split history.

Stock split datesRatio
Feb 18, 20032:1
Mar 29, 19992:1
Feb 23, 19982:1
Dec 09, 19962:1
May 23, 19942:1
Jun 15, 19923:2
Jun 27, 19913:2
Apr 16, 19902:1
Sep 21, 19872:1
Will Microsoft stock split

Dividend history Microsoft?

Yes, Microsoft pays stock dividends & it has a long history of paying. Usually, Microsoft pays four times per year based on per share. 

Below, the table details the stock dividend history of Microsoft stock.

Proposed datePayment dateDividend per share ($)
November 15, 2023December 11, 20230.75
August 15, 2023September 12, 20230.75
May 16, 2023June 13, 20230.75
February 15, 2023March 10, 20230.62
November 16, 2022December 13, 20220.62
August 17, 2022September 12, 20220.62
May 17, 2022June 10, 20220.62
February 16, 2022March 11, 20220.62
November 18, 2021  December 10, 20210.62
August 19, 2021September 13, 20210.56
Dividend history Microsoft

Microsoft stock calculator?

Microsoft stock calculator is a tool to track historical and future performance. Microsoft offers two different calculators, investment & dividend, to estimate investment dividends on their investment relation sites.  

The investment calculator helps you understand the historical movement of your Microsoft investment, whereas the dividend calculator helps you estimate future dividends based on historical data. You need to put some basic data such as investment years, date of investment value, etc. 


The information provided in this article is author’s view & only for educational purposes. Also, the intention of this article is not hurting any stock analyst. This is not a sponsor post & not an investment advice. Do your research before making any important financial decision. Therefore, will not be liable for your financial loss.

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