Is Pikamoon the new king of gameFI?

Is pikamoon the new king of gamefi?
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Due to the unprecedented growth of the GameFI industry, most crypto investors want to know, Is Pikamoon the new king of gamefi? Pikamoon has excellent potential to grow the games industry because it is a combination of decentralized finance & hybrid gaming features. Many crypto experts believe that after Pepe coin or Dogecoin, pikamoon is the new game project that can give you 5000% ROI.

But, as a crypto investor, you may question why Pikamoon is the new king of gamefi. Are you serious about contributing to gameFI by investing in Pikamoon?  

Don’t worry; In this blog article, you will find every answer related to the pikamoon & gameFI industry. Let’s start with the following: 

Key takeaways:

  • Pikamoon is a new game project with monetizable features. 
  • Pikamoon brings a revolutionary change to the gaming industry with an advanced 3d metaverse. It has both offline & online gaming features.
  • Due to its hybrid nature, pikamoon bears less risk than other cryptos & can give you a good ROI.
  • Gamefi has already grown to 60%, which is an all-time high than the past. That means it has a promising future.

What is Pikamoon?

Pika, sometimes called pikamoon tokens, is a new game project built on the blockchain. It is a new game coin used in the pikaverse. You can earn PIKA tokens to buy or sell NFT and unique items on the Pikamoon marketplace.

For example, by joining Pikaverse, players are sent to a virtual world of four distinct regions: fire, water, electricity, and earth. The player can build their dynasties from these regions by appointing powerful heroes if they need help in the war. Players will earn rewards by completing each task.

What is PIKAverse?

PIKAvarse is a PIKA-based metaverse with five virtual spaces with advanced 3d technology to create photoreal visuals & more immersive experience. Pikavarse helps in p2e games & supported by polygon blockchain. 

For example, in Pikaverse, you can create an empire based on characters & can augment your ranks by using them to battle. You can earn money by fighting for NFTs or completing each mission. 

What is Pikamoon Marketplace?

Pikamoon Marketplace is a network system where users can buy PIKAmoon’s NFT with $PIKA tokens. PIKA tokens are a currency used in the PIKAverse to purchase every item on the Pikamoon marketplace. 

For example, in the PIKAmoon marketplace, NFTs back all game assets, & through $PIKA, you can buy or trade any items. PIKAmoon will burn about 5% of every spent token for the token’s security, which also increases its price. PIKAverse task awards tokens monthly & 65% of the coins paid will receive the play-to-earn pool. The rest of the 30% will go for PIKAmoon’s marketing & development purposes. 

What makes Pikamoon marketplace unique from others?

Pikamoon marketplace brings many unique features that differentiate it from other p2e platforms.

Below are some features which make Pikamoon marketplace unique from others. They are:

  • Diverse marketplace: Pikamoon marketplace has different features that secure online NFT exchange. You can buy or sell any items based on characters with a $PIKA token.  
  • Easy to Use: Pikamoon marketplace is easy to use than other platforms.

For example, if you are a new pikamoon user, you will face less difficulty because of its user-friendliness. 

  • Payment Security: Pikamoon marketplace offers high-level payment security for NFT trading. Pikamoon marketplace is a layer two blockchain that process transactions with security.
  • Low transaction charge: Pikamoon marketplace charges minimum fees to exchange NFT, making them unique. 

How much is PIKAmoon’s Transaction Tax? 

PIKAmoon charges a 2.5% tax for selling orders & transfers without additional purchase tax for buying $PIKA. PIKAmoon gives rewards to holders who penalize those who leave PIKAmoon’s network. 1% goes to promotional marketing, 1% to network development & remaining half percent (0.5%) will burn forever.  

Say Sam has a PIKA order worth $200. So, PIKAmoon charges $5 (200×2.5%) to process orders. Here, $2 (200*1%) will go for marketing, another $2 (200×1%) for network growth, & remaining $1(200×0.5%) will burn forever. 

How to buy pikamoon tokens?

buy pikamoon tokens
How to buy pikamoon tokens?

There are five steps to buying pikamoon tokens. Below are the steps:

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet that supports ERC

First, investors must set up a crypto wallet to hold pika tokens after buying. Then connect your wallet to the Ethereum network. Then select a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet. 

Step 2 – Obtain Crypto

Here, investors need to buy some crypto tokens & transfer them to their crypto wallet. Supported crypto coins include Ethereum & Tether. Investors also can purchase using their debit/credit card from Pikamoon’s presale platform.

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to Presale Platform

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option. In the pop-up box, choose the related wallet from the pop-up box and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the crypto wallet to the presale platform.

Step 4 – Buy PIKA Tokens

Here, investors will see an on-screen order box allowing them to purchase pika tokens as they wish.

Step 5 – Claim PIKA Tokens

After the presale, investors can claim their purchase of Pika tokens from the website. There is no waiting period for confirmation, so all the coins will be available instantly. 

Will pikamoon price sour in the upcoming time?

Yes, Pikamoon is an innovative crypto space that signals positive growth for the upcoming time. It has adopted some trending gaming features, such as pikamoon adventure, which assure growth potential over time. 

For example, if you analyze its presale round, you will find successive growth over each presale round. 

Below the table predicts future price growth for pikamoon:

Pre-sale roundPrice ($)Estimated Growth (Sales÷ Base Price)Growth Sign
Pika-20.0004(0.0004÷0.0002) X 100+200
Pika-30.0006(0.0006÷0.0002) X 100+300
Pika-4 (assumed)0.0008(0.0008÷0.0002) X 100+400
Future price growth for pikamoon

Should I invest in Pikamoon?

invest in Pikamoon
Should I invest in Pikamoon

Yes. Pikamoon has built strong partnerships with the leading gaming industry to develop P2E projects. The aim of this partnership is promising growth with innovative gamefi features.

Although it has many features to boost your investment, below are some features that make pikamoon unique from other cryptocurrency investments.

  • Offline gameplay features:

Pikamoon brings a revolutionary change to the gaming industry by allowing players to earn $PIKA tokens both online & offline. For this change, you can earn $PIKA tokens and rewards, open new levels, engage with multiple player modes, and complete the missions without the internet and any limitations. All these features indicate that Pikamoon can give you the best return on investment in the upcoming time. 

  • Deflationary token: Deflationary means reducing supply over time & add extra value to a few coins.

Say, Sam buys some $PIKA tokens in the PIKAmoon marketplace. According to demand & supply theory, the price will increase if demand is high, but there is limited supply. The same concept applies here; over time, PIKAmoon will reduce the supply of its tokens, which ultimately increases the intrinsic value of the pika tokens.

  • Reward system: You can earn rewards by spending time in gameplay, making pikamoon investment profitable. 

Imagine Sara spends time playing games in pikamoon. If Sara has a good time playing the game, she will earn rewards in $pika, cashable in fiat money.

  • Hybrid meme token: By investing in Pikamoon, you can get financial benefits from both meme tokens & gaming utility. You can be a part of the future in pikamoon by investing in Metaverse. Pikamoon has high-level graphics and an entertaining storyline, creating a unique income model different from other metaverses.  
  • Market Trend: If you are a crypto investor, you probably know how lucky those investors who invested in Pepe coin & Dogecoin are. Pikamoon combines memes and GameFi with positive sentiment towards the crypto industry. Therefore, it has an excellent potential to grow in the upcoming time. 
  • Significant profit potential: Pikamoon has excellent potential for early investors. Pikamoon is currently in phase 2 at just $0.0004, with the probability of returns up to 300% by the end of the presale. It has a considerable potential to grow because, at the time of writing, Pikamoon has raised $1,100,000. Many savvy investors already invest in pikamoon for its unique gameplay features & also for its ability to execute the vision.

Concluding Thought

There is no question that Pikamoon will be the new king in the gameFI industry. If you notice a growth sign, you will find a sequential increase in price. The recent trend in the gaming industry signals growth for the upcoming time, which indirectly suggests that Pikamoon is a profitable game investment. Another reason is that Gamefi-based decentralized applications already grow to 60% & indicating an all-time high trend, proving its growth potential.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PepeCoin (PEPE)?

The Pepe coin is an ERC-20 token based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The concept of Pepe coin comes from the popular meme character “Pepe the Frog.” Its primary objective is to exchange memes related to pepe. 

What is the gameFI NFT?

Gamefi nft is a combination of decentralized finance & blockchain-based art. Gamefi nft aims to create game-based memes to promote the gaming industry.

What is the price of pikamoon tokens?

The price of a pikamoon token is a maximum of $0.0285945 to a minimum of $0.020.


The information provided in this blog article is author’s view & only for educational purposes. This is not a Sponsored post. By reading this, you agree that the information is not investing advice. Do your research before making any important financial decision. Therefore, if you invest, will not be liable for your financial loss.

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