Mining Crypto Coins: Mastering Crypto Mining

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Is mining Crypto Coins worth it? Should we do Bitcoin mining? As a new trader, such questions are common. 

In this article, you will learn some Bitcoin mining questions to help you understand how mining works for crypto. 

Let’s start with the following.

  • Pool refers to a group of miners, whereas solo means individual Bitcoin mining.
  • Income distributed based on hash rate contribution on the blockchain.
  • Mining rig is a set of advanced computer systems to solve crypto puzzles. 
  • Mining crypto needs technical skills.  

Solo mining bitcoin?

Solo mining Bitcoin is an individual attempt to process block on blockchain transactions. In a simple word, mining cryptocurrencies without pools.

What is a Bitcoin mining pool?

A Bitcoin mining pool is a group of miners who act independently by adding a hash rate on the blockchain. They earn a steady income & rewards will be distributed based on hash rate contribution. 

Are you confused about differentiating solo mining & pool mining Bitcoin? Let’s see a combined example.

The Bitcoin block time is 12 minutes & reward is 6.25 BTC. Daniel creates his nod & connects all his machines. If Daniel becomes successful, he will earn a 6.25 BTC reward. Here, Daniel creates a solo mining system & would be a solo miner. 

Now Daniel decides to allow another two users to connect his nods. The second block will take 24 minutes & the third one take 36 minutes to complete. Now, this sharing system will be called pool mining.

What is a Bitcoin mining pool

Now, you may think all three miners will get equal 6.25 BTC rewards. Your assumptions are wrong because the reward is distributed based on the hash rate contribution. 

Say, Daniel contributes 50% hash rat & other two contribute 30% & 20%. 

Total rewards = (6.25 + 6.25 + 6.25) BTC

                        = 18.75 BTC

Rewards for Daniel= 18.75 × 0.50

                              = 9.375 BTC

Rewards for 2nd miner= 18.75 × 0.30

                                   =5.625 BTC

Rewards for 3rd miner= 18.75 × 0.20

                                   = 3.75 BTC  

So, the main difference between solo mining & pool mining is rewards & hash rate contribution. In solo, you will earn the entire reward but bear all the risk & pool mining distributes the rewards based on the hash rate contribution.   

Other key points,

Mining typesFixed incomePool feesTransaction feesLuck
Solo miningNoNoYesYes
Pool miningYesYesVaryNo
bitcoin mining solo vs pool

Bitcoin solo miner?

The individual or entity who mines Bitcoin alone is called a solo Bitcoin miner. Solo miners set up their mining hardware for the Bitcoin network & solve blocks of transaction on the blockchain. They don’t share blocks with other miners like pool & earn all the rewards alone. But solo miner bears high risk & chances to win depends on technical skill & luck.

Bitcoin solo mining pool?

A Bitcoin solo mining pool is a network system where individual miners contribute their hash rate for a collective pool. Each miner finds blocks independently and shares mining resources but takes rewards independently. 

Let’s see an example: there are three miners in a Bitcoin mining pool & one miner successfully mines a block so that he will get the total rewards.  

Bitcoin mining rig?

A Bitcoin mining rig is an advanced computer system to mine Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. Rig helps miners add new transactions on the blockchain & earn rewards in the form of new Bitcoin. 

Imagine a scenario: Emily is in a race to solve cryptographic puzzles for rewards. 

Bitcoin mining rig

How does the mining rig help Emily to earn rewards? Let’s see.

  • The mining rig works like an advanced calculator to solve puzzles quickly.
  • The power supply unit works like a battery to run your calculators.
  • The cooling system works like a fan that prevents your calculator from overheating.
  • The mining software connects the rig to the Bitcoin network & distributes the workload among the hashing hardware.
  • CPU works as hashing hardware to solve complex math puzzles.

Concluding Thought

Mining Bitcoin is not for every trader. The success rate of mining crypto is very low, and most of the time, it depends on luck.

However, the article doesn’t suggest “YES” or “NO”; instead, it is a matter of personal preference. This article aims to educate you about the technical terms of Bitcoin mining.

My suggestion is to be cautious & learn deeply before mining Crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Solar powered bitcoin mining?

Solar power Bitcoin mining refers to using renewable energy sources to power computer systems to mine Bitcoin. For solar power, you need ASIC miners or a specialized computer system to mine crypto. These systems allow miners to validate transactions & earn rewards.

Bitcoin cloud mining?

Bitcoin cloud mining is a process where a miner mines cryptocurrencies by leasing or renting mining equipment from a remote cloud mining provider. Here, the cloud mining provider’s hardware maintains the data center & you share rewards according to hash rat.

Automatic cloud Bitcoin mining?

Automatic cloud Bitcoin mining is a system where a miner can mine crypto without maintaining mining hardware. You will buy a contract & cloud mining provider will manage everything, i.e., setup & operation on your behalf of you. 

Bitcoin cloud mining free?

Free Bitcoin cloud mining means getting cloud mining services from a provider without any money. However, free cloud mining involves high risks & profitability concerns. So, before choosing such a type of cloud mining, you must analyze potential drawbacks. 

Mars lander solo Bitcoin miner?

Mars lander solo Bitcoin miner is not a technical term; instead, it is a crypto mining hardware product sold by a company named Bitcoin Merch. Mars lander is easy to use & works like a solo miner. However, the Mars Lander is considered unprofitable because it needs high technical skills.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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