Mpeppe meme coin: More Than Just a Meme Coin?

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Mpeppe meme coin could make you a millionaire,” a question that has created positive hype in the crypto market. Investors, including Dogwifhat, are now becoming crazy about the profitability of $Mpepe.

Gaming is a popular concept for meme projects. NFT and virtual reality could be profitable investments in the long term. So, if Mpepe becomes a meme project like Pikamoon, it will not give you a skyrocketed profit in a short time.

However, crypto is a long-term investment. Therefore, for those who are looking for huge profit in the long term, Mpepe could be a profitable meme coin.

Do you have questions on Mpeppe meme coin? Or interested to know details on Mpepe analysis. Whatever are your questions, you will find a logical explanation by reading this article. Do you have patience? Let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways

  • Mpepe featured soccer to be a viral meme coin.
  • $Mepepe could be a gaming crypto like Pikamoon.
  • Mpepe will give you a good return, but expecting 3000x would be bullish.
  • NFT features of the Mpepe project could be financially beneficial in the long term.

What is Mpeppe?

Mpeppe is a meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to combine Soccer and blockchain technology. It features the talent of footballer Mbappé to unite global soccer enthusiasts.

So, Mpepe is using gaming and sports betting concepts to develop memes. The project tries to build an active community by targeting football lovers. You can trade with its native token, $MPEPE.

Is Mpepe new Pikamoon?

Mpepe has many features that could make it Pikamoon. A new crypto project initially has limited features, but over time, it adds more. Let’s see whether the Mpepe meme coin is Pikamoon.  

  • Soccer hype of Mpepe

Gaming is a trending industry. We have uncountable soccer lovers all over the world. The core team of Mpepe target sports betting hypeto lure buyers.The unique part is that they want to give real-world betting experience in a humorous way. So, Mpeppe meme coin is not speculative trading but real-world utilities.  

The approach seems promising, but Mpepe needs historical data. So, we can’t be bullish that Mpepe could catch Pikamoon, but it has potential.

  • Presale of Mpepe

Mpepe offers a 50% token for presale. The project focuses on a thematic concept with positive growth potential. $Mpepe adopts equal rights opportunity, i.e., 50% for initial investors and the remaining 50% for public investors.

Usually, a presale below 30% is considered better for crypto. Can the Mpepe project gain competitive benefits from the presale mechanism?

Well, it depends. The core team perhaps preconceived that more tokens would be required to meet buyers’ needs or that $Mpepe sales would rise initially. This also suggests that the project needs initial funds to maintain operating expenses.

Is Mpepe new Pikamoon

Can we assure external funding? Again, it depends. The soccer industry is broad, and I would not be surprised if $Mpepe brings many of them.

However, gaining future contact depends on the dedication of the core team. So, we should not be optimistic that Mpepe will go long-term using external funding.

  • Liquidity of Mpepe

One crucial element of a meme coin is liquidity because it increases trading volume. Trading volume helps lower price fluctuation, which increases buyers’ confidence.

The Mpepe project may understand the facts & allocate 20% of funds for smooth liquidity. 

Can it guarantee profit? No, because the success of meme coins depends on overall utility.  

So, my analysis would be neutral on whether Mpepe is the next Pikamoon. 

  • NFTs of Mpepe

Sports could be an excellent theme for NFTs. The core team will use the popular $Pepe face to bet on non-fungible tokens. This could be a game changer because memes and NFTs depend on popularity.

However, it will not bring skyrocketed profit.  You could ask me why.

The core team is trying to feature legendary soccer player Mbappe with NFTs. There could be another meme coin in the upcoming days featuring Lionel Messi, so competition is imminent.

Another reason is that the growth speed of NFTs is slow now. Yeah, it will definitely reshape the digital world, but it takes time.

Mpepe has potential, but it looks like a long-term investment, so we can’t say that it could be Pikamoon or $Pepe. 

  • The micro audience of Mpepe

The core team focuses on a European audience to build a community. Mbappe has a crazy fan following across Europe and Africa. Additionally, Euro events like the US NFL have a craze to bring hype.

Can Copa America bring such hype? Well, it depends. Europe is more prosperous & has many funding opportunities.

However, soccer is not a particular nation-oriented; instead, it is the popularity of a specific footballer.

The competition would be like Mbappe vs Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar.

The approach seems promising, but how effective would it be to build a diverse community that depends on the dedication of the core team?

So, my prediction would be neutral on whether Mpepe would be Pikamoon.

  • Mpeppe Games

The project aims to be a utility coin by combining sports betting and DeFi. It could boost gaming spirit and balance buyers’ expectations.

According to the whitepaper, Mpepe’s management allocates 15% of its funds to betting functionalities. This doesn’t guarantee profit but definitely provides easy functionality.

So, the project tries to give more utility instead of being an ordinary meme coin.

Therefore, my analysis would be positive on whether Mpepe would be Pikamoon.   

  • Mpeppe Treasury & agents

The development comes with money. Therefore, a reserve fund is essential to find out competitive gain.

Meme projects come with competition, so adding cutting-edge technology is mandatory.

The management of Mpepe allocates 8% for treasury and 7% for agents, including developers, marketers, and community managers. This could be a game changer because Mpepe doesn’t need to depend on external funding as much.

It seems an excellent approach to be a profitable gaming meme coin in the competitive crypto market. So, my analysis would be positive on whether Mpepe would be Pikamoon.

How To Buy MPEPE

You can buy $Mpepe using cryptocurrencies. The project doesn’t accept fiat pairs & you must have a DeFi wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Below are the simple four steps to buy a Mpepe meme coin.

  • Step 1: Create an account

If you have accounts, just fill out the required information. If you don’t, visit the Mpepe sites and complete the sign-up process.

  • Step 2: Fund transfer

Enter your user account and go to the Dashboard. Click on the buy option, choose a payment method, and enter the equivalent amount. The system will only process if you send the funds within the same blockchain, so check it. Then, the system will give you a newly generated address; keep it safe.  

How To Buy MPEPE
  • Step-3: Confirmation

Wait 10 to 15 minutes to confirm the blockchain transaction. You will then receive an email with transaction numbers and a link. After waiting, rephrase to confirm the updated balance.

  • Step-4: Received tokens

Enter your ERC-20 receiving address to claim your tokens via your user account on presale. Then, you will receive your equivalent tokens.

Concluding Thought

Mpepe meme coin has many promising features that could give you a good return. It features a betting theme to lure investors, which is a good approach. You could expect profit from $Mpepe, but expecting a skyrocketing return would be bullish.

Overall, Mpepe is a buying meme coin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the total supply of Mpepe tokens?

The Mpepe meme project has a total supply of 7,690,420,000 tokens.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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