NFT trading cards: The Next Big Collectible?

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NFT trading cards could be digital or traditional. After the Bitcoin ETF, NFT also brought about some revolution. Famous personalities digitally share their creativity, giving conventional non-fungible tokens a new life. 

In this article, you will learn about some trending NFT concepts that could help you to make trading decisions.

Let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways:

  • NFT trading cards are a digital format art.
  • NFT collection is a set of art featuring a particular concept.
  • Trump’s NFT has published a total of three series.
  • Gaming NFT is a combination of traditional gaming & blockchain.

What is an NFT digital trading card?

An NFT digital trading card is an intangible assets collection that uses blockchain technology to secure & store NFT. NFT trading cards could take various forms, such as graphics, audio files, video clips, GIFs & works like Pokemon or Magic trading cards. 

For example, you will get ownership by buying NFT digital cards & trading using cryptocurrency on different digital marketplaces. You can earn royalties by minting the NFT cards.

What is Trump digital trading cards?

Trump trading cards are a series of NFT collections featuring US ex-president Donald Trump. They work like traditional trading cards but in a digital file format on the blockchain with a secure ledger. 

The NFTs are hand-drawn art focusing on President Trump’s extraordinary life & career, such as unique Trump Trading Cards, Limited One-of-Ones, Gold & Silver Autographed Cards, Cowboy Trump, Astronaut Trump, Business Trump, etc.

Donald Trump trading card

Below are the other details,

Key pointsDetails
TradingDifferent NFT exchange platforms
Current priceLess than 1 wrapped Ether equivalent $1,300
OwnershipNFT INT LLC
Donald Trump trading card

Trump NFT collection?

Trump NFT is a collection of digital art. Up to today, Trump NFT published three series for $99 each price.

Below, the table gives details on Trump’s digital trading cards.

Key pointsDetails
Trump nft series -1(December 15, 2022)   Total collections 45,000 cards with $99 each
Trump nft series 2 (April 2023) Total collection 47,000 with $99 each
Trump nft series 3 (December 12, 2023)Total 100,000 named MugShot Edition collection with $99 each.
Trump NFT collection

NFT trading card games?

NFT trading card games are a blockchain-based gaming concept. It operates under decentralized finance & you will get complete ownership. This game NFT is a play-to-earn mechanism & you can buy crypto & gaming items by exchanging rewards. 

You can exchange it in their marketplace, such as Splinterlands, Gods Unchained, or third-party marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. 

Concluding Thought

The NFT market is not dying; instead, it is reviving new concepts. We witness many profitable NFTs, such as Trump’s NFT series.

However, NFT still bears risk like before. So, before trading NFT, analyze deeply the pros & cons.

I have covered the recent NFT with a simple explanation, but if you still have questions. You can ask me by commenting.      

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hybrid NFT trading cards?

Hybrid NFT trading cards are a combination of physical trading cards & NFT. You can link NFT on blockchain & get ownership of the card. You can trade Hybrid NFT in physical stores or online marketplaces.  

Trump NFT golden cards?

Trump NFT Golden Cards are a digital NFT collection on polygon blockchain & tradable on NFT marketplaces like Open Sea. It works like baseball or Pokémon cards but digitally with a unique blockchain identifier.  

Melania Trump NFT?

Melania Trump NFT is a digital asset collection featuring Trump’s presidency. This NFT collection is called POTUS TRUMP NFT,” which features 10,000 NFTs at $50 each price. NFT art features Christmas at the White House and the Trumps’ visit to Mount Rushmore. Anyone can buy from the Solana auction, but they will not know what they have purchased until the sale.

Melania Trump NFT


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto or NFT investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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