Penguiana meme coin

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What is Penguiana?

Penguiana is a Solana-based Play-to-earn gaming meme coin. It featured the popularity of penguins with memes to attract users & investors. 

Below, the table details other features.

Native tokens$PENGU
Network feesLow
Transaction feesLower
Penguiana‘s features

Should You buy Penguiana?

  • Community empowerment

Penguiana emphasizes community building and transparency to create positive market sentiments. If the management of Penguiana is successful in creating market sentiment, then it will foster long-term market growth. 

Can we expect a positive from the core team of Penguiana?

Well, it depends, i.e., yes & no. Long-term smooth performance is one of the biggest challenges for crypto because it is a matter of management approach. 

However, Penguiana launched on the Solana blockchain, so the project has a vision for long-term stability. Again, assumptions are worthless in crypto investment without a historical record.  

  • Raydium listing

Penguiana is now in its presale stage. After the closing of the presale, they plan to list on. 

Raydium at a 50% higher price is an effective approach in the sense of crypto. Why? It will provide more benefits to early buyers, and the increased price will help secure more liquid money. Cash will help $PENGU meet operating expenses, which ultimately enhances working capital.

Now you could ask me how? 

Let’s consider a fictitious example,

$PENGU has $10 current liabilities & generates cash of more than $18. Working capital is the change between current assets & current liabilities. 

So, Working capital = Current assets- Current liabilities

                                      =$18- $10  

                                      = $8

That means current assets > current liabilities, which increases financial solvency. Any working capital value above 0 suggests the project has more cash to survive in the long-term & expand projects. So, $PENGU has the potential to surge in the upcoming days. 

  • Presale allocation of $PENGU

The Penguiana project has a total supply of 100,000,000 $ penguins and allocates 60% for resale. The presale supply is 60%, equivalent to 60,000,000 $pengu, which seems like a monopoly approach. How?

First, presale allocation under 50% is better for all types of buyers because it balances prices and gains customer trust. At the same time, 60% suggests more pricing benefits for early buyers and fewer tokens available for public sales.  

Let’s consider a scenario,

A crypto project has allocated more than 50% of tokens for presale & available limited tokens for the public. Initial investors raised questions about the quick sale approach & public investors also had doubts about its stability. Faith is an integral part of crypto investment & approaching such presale loss of trust. 

The moral is that more tokens allocated for public sale consider buyers positive, i.e., they believe the project is for long-term purposes. The opposite is true for fewer tokens allocated for public sales, i.e., the project could crash or not be sustained for the long term.

However, $PENGU is on the Solana blockchain, which has a long-term reputation. So, the core team must have a strategic plan to gain customer trust and long-term stability.  


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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