Piggy Bankster meme coin: Why Piggy Bankster Deserves a Spot in Your Portfolio

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The Piggy Bankster meme coin has created positive hype among meme investors. Its integration with Solana and choice of a pig character makes it unique. Could $PIGS be the next Book of Woof? Will $PIGS be a 100x meme coin? Every crypto has significant risks. So, asking such a question is usual.

Do you have different questions about Piggy Bankster’s performance? Or are you looking for the next big meme coin on the Solana blockchain? If you answer yes to any of the questions, then this article could be the gold standard for you. It will answer most of the questions related to Piggy Bankster’s investment.

Want to make your crypto investment more secure? Then, let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways

  • Piggy Bankster is a Solana-based meme coin
  • Piggy Bankster feathered a crime boss pig character.
  • $PIGS allocates 100% tokens for LP.
  • Piggy Bankster has the potential to surge, but expecting outperformance would be bullish.

What is Piggy Bankster?

Piggy Bankster is a swine-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain. The unique part is that Piggy doesn’t feature a dog or frog but an ordinary pig character who rose from extreme poverty to a wealthy crime boss named Piggy Bankster. Its native token is $PIGS, and it aims to bring a fresh twist by emphasizing community through the Piggy Gangster Theme.  

Is Piggy Bankster the next big meme coin on Solana? 

Solana has surprised us with so many successful memes coin. Let’s see whether $PIGS follows the same route.  

  • $PIGS on Solana network

Solana has created many successful memes for dogs and cats, such as WIF, BONK, and MEW. Additionally, Solana can process transactions with lower fees, which means extra money for buyers.

Now the question is, can Piggy Bankster be the new hope for meme investors? The direct answer is “maybe”. Why? Solana has long-term trust, but only integration with a reputable blockchain can’t make crypto profitable.

However, Piggy Bankster is a new crypto project. It is possible that the core team will add more features to make it an outstanding meme coin. However, the assumption can’t be an investment parameter. So, the project raised some questions regarding profitability and long-term sustainability. 

  • Piggy Bankster’s Tokenomics

The Piggy Bankster project allocates 100% tokens for liquidity pools. 100% LP is a blessing for any crypto project because it allows them to accumulate cash quickly. Now, think like a pragmatic investor: $PIGS doesn’t trade against a stablecoin or anything. Did Piggy Bankster’s tokenomics not lead us to a Rug Pull?  If you study the LP mechanism of profitable meme coins, then you will see partial LP.  

However, I am not criticizing Piggy Bankster’s core team; I am writing from the buyer’s perspective. Piggy Bankster allocated a total of 100 million tokens worth $0.00012 per $PIGS.

Is Piggy Bankster the next big meme coin on Solana

So, the project will collect $12,000 (10,000,000 × $0.00012) in a presale event, which refers to a market test. The management of Piggy Bankster may have planned to allocate more tokens after the presale, or they could close the project if the presale became unsuccessful. Due to Solana integration, we can expect that $PIGS will not die quickly.

However, we have no control over the management action of $PIGS. So, expecting similar things would be bullish.

  • Fair launch mechanism of $PIGS

$PIGS adopts a fair launch strategy to equalize opportunity. Buyers will get an equal opportunity to buy $PIGS at presale events.

So, the Piggy Bankster meme coin adopts a similar token launch strategy to Bitcoin and Monero. We know how Bitcoin became profitable, but Monero gives us the following debatable results.

  • Monero builds a strong community for a widely distributed approach.
  • The bad sides are price fluctuations due to the initial liquidity crisis and mining pool centralization because Monero does not have a pre-mine. 

However, I am not saying that $PIGS would be a similar crypto to Monero. It could follow Bitcoin’s success formula. Again, I have to repeat a similar statement: assumption-based crypto investment doesn’t lead to profit.

My analysis suggests Piggy Bankster is a mixed-performing meme coin.  

Concluding Thought

Piggy Bankster meme coin seems like a buy crypto instead of limitations. It has some positive elements and some negative factors, but it has the potential to surge due to the Solana blockchain.

However, expecting 100x or more returns would be bullish due to its lack of historical data. Crypto is a changing investment, so the core team of Piggy Bankster may add updated features in the upcoming day.

So, anything could happen, but based on present features, we can expect mixed performance from Piggy Bankster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Trading Pair of $PIGS?

You can trade $PIGS with USDC or SOL pair on a decentralized exchanges platform.  

What is the total circulating supply of Piggy Bankster?          

There needs to be a clear indication of the total circulating supply on the official site of Piggy Bankster.

However, Piggy Bankster fairly launched 100,000,000 PIGS on presale. Usually, total presale allocation is equal to the total circulating supply. Based on this assumption, we can say that Piggy Bankster has a total circulating supply of 100,000,000 tokens.


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