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PINT meme coin has become a hot topic among meme investors after a 70% surge—$PINT featured beer on the Solana blockchain. Hope & expectation are growing among those who missed Bitcoin. However, emotion has zero value in crypto investment. Therefore, questions about PINT’s performance are expected.

Do you have questions on $PINT? Or are you looking for your next 100x meme coin? Whatever your questions on $PINT, this blog article will give you clear guidelines on $PINT’s performance. 

Are you ready to invest three minutes in this article? If yes, then let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways:

  • PINT comes with a unique reward system to allure buyers.
  • $PINT could be a 100x meme coin.
  • PINT focuses more on long-term growth instead of presale hype.
  • PINT meme coin aims to bring fun & connectivity to build a vibrant community.   

What is a PINT meme coin?

PINT is a beer-themed meme coin on the Solana network. The project aims to build community by combining the fun of beer & monetary gain from Crypto lovers.  As a holder, you can expect a better crypto transaction processing experience due to the Solana ecosystem. Its native token is $PINT.  

Is PINT a 100x meme coin?

  • Rewards mechanism of PINT

For those who love the idea of earning with lower risk, PINT is a perfect fit. As a meme coin, it’s a familiar concept for passive income. And who wouldn’t want to earn during a beer party? With $PINT, you can expect a 2% token revenue. The unique part is that PINT diversifies its rewards to meet the needs of its buyers.

The core team of $PINT rewards the first 100 participants with 1 SOL, creating a sense of urgency in the crypto market. This FOMO (fear of missing out) can boost the token price in the short term. However, for long-term success, the project must deliver something innovative that beer lovers are looking for.  

The core team should think about this and offer 5 years of beer and 2 VIP tickets to enjoy the EURO final. Just imagine: your favourite team is in the final. Would the enjoyment be complete without a beer bottle?  

The American dream is to buy a Cyber Truck. Affordability forces them to shut down the Cyber Truck dream. The PINT project rewards Tesla Cyber Trucks, or $100K USDC, which indirectly fulfils millions of American desires.

So, $PINT seems like a promising project that adds lucrative and trending features that suggest a 100x meme coin.  

  • Raydium liquidity of PINT

PINT allocates 98% liquidity on a decentralized exchange, Raydium. This will increase trading activity and price in the short term. Additionally, a meme coin’s price is heavily influenced by speculation, which creates FOMO among buyers. So, instant price hikes and falls will be common for $PINT holders.

The shortage is another parameter that balances the price for the long term.  Think like this,

PINT sets the price for 1 SOL ≈500,000,000 tokens and sequentially reduces the number. Traders will experience token scarcity, and FOMO will force them to buy them. Ultimately, this will lead to a higher price against limited tokens, which also signals the long-term sustainability of the project.

However, I can’t advise the core team of the $PINT project. Therefore, my analysis would be bearish on whether $PINT will surge 100x.

  • Zero presale of PINT

Zero presales could be a blessing and a curse for meme coin investors. Zero presales mean the project doesn’t care about liquid money and has enough strategic plans for long-term sustainability. Market sentiment is crucial in increasing the adoption rate, and the zero-presale mechanism indirectly creates market hype.

However, community building is another challenging task for a meme crypto project. Presale token allocation instantly creates hype among buyers who meet short-term cash needs and build a community. It is also possible that the project already has a community or premade buyers.

But assumptions don’t give us profit from crypto investment. Therefore, my analysis would be neutral on $PINT, which would be a 100x meme coin.   

  • Airdrop of PINT 

Airdrops are a mechanism for offering free tokens. They can create hype and build a community quickly. However, airdrops are just one element, and there are many factors that influence meme coin prices.    

There is no set number for airdrops, but 3 to 7% is usually considered reliable for a meme coin. Less than 2% airdrop allocation has little impact on the token’s price because it will create less hype among buyers. Limited hype means a weak community, which goes against the price surge.

The whitepaper of $PINT indicates a 1% airdrop, which means less emphasis on free tokens.

However, the project may have a plan to increase holder numbers, or the success of the PINT meme coin has a limited association with the airdrop.

But again, we can’t be bullish on someone’s action. So, my analysis would be bearish on whether $PINT would be 100x meme coin.  

  • NFT integration of PINT

Meme & NFT could be a thematic combination. Sports, film & music have own audience which could be a good community for a meme coin. The management of PINT project is planning to integrate NFT in the upcoming days. The core team understand the necessity of community building & plan further to resolve it. So, $PINT comes with a long-term vision which could boost buyers trust & project’s suitability.

However, the growth speed of NFT is now slow. So, expecting outperformance due to NFT integration would be bullish. It has possibility to outperform but PINT will take time to reach 100x meme coin.  

How to buy PINT meme coin?

$PINT is not verified yet but you can buy it from Jupiter or Raydium. The buying steps are similar like other meme coin. If you are not familiar or newbie then follow the following steps to buy it.

  • Step-1: Visit official site

First, you need to visit $PINT’s website & click on any wallet i.e., Jupiter or Raydium. It will redirect to trading page.

  • Step-2: Connect wallet

Enter your desired amount & click on connect wallet option & you will see five (Raydium) or four (Jupiter) option. From there choose any one.

  • Steps-3: Confirm

Check your entered information & click to confirm. If everything is okey then you will see a success message.

Concluding Thought

PINT meme coin could be the new hope for those who missed Bitcoin. It has many credentials to outperform as a meme coin. $PINT featured beer concept which has trending growth potential. Moreover, Solana blockchain could be an extra feature. 

However, the ultimate performance will depend on how the core team add innovative features to $PINT to catch market trend.

Overall, PINT meme coin looks a profitable crypto.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Will $PINT be next Bitcoin?

No. $PINT has enough potential to outperform but catching Bitcoin’s success would be very challenging. However, miracle happen in meme coin but expecting Bitcoin equivalence return would be bullish.  


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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