PUPS:Bitcoin’s First Meme Coin Takes Flight on Runes Protocol

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PUPS is the first meme coin on the Runes protocol. It is getting noticed after a skyrocketing price surge. The unique features and recent performance of the PUPS meme coin indicate a bullish pattern.

PUPS is a meme coin on Bitcoin runes that doesn’t assure price stability. So, asking questions about PUPS’s future performance is expected. 

Are you a meme investor? Or do you want to shift from one crypto to another? Then this article is for you. In this blog post, I have forecasted the price of $ PUPS and also explained every question related to investment.

So, if you have three minutes, then let’s start with the following. 

Key takeaways:

  • $PUPS is a zero roadmap & 100% community driven meme token.
  • PUPS brings bitcoin & meme culture together.
  • PUPS is a zero-utility token.
  • PUPS has the potential to outperform due to Bitcoin Runes. 

What Is Pups Crypto?

PUPS is the first meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain and the BRC-20 airdrop on Bitcoin. Initially, $PUPS is an Ordinals token, but after Bitcoin’s halving, it will migrate to the Runes protocol.

What Is Pups Crypto

$PUPS could fast your transactions with security due to ordinals & runes protocol integrations. However, this integration doesn’t assure PUPS from volatile natures i.e., bear significant risks.

What are Bitcoin Runes?

Bitcoin runes is a UTXO protocol for creating and managing fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals embed data into the Bitcoin blockchain, and runes generate transactions using UTXO.

Pups price chart?

The current price of $PUPS is $82, which is a 134% surge. Meme is a volatile crypto, and hype boosts the price instantly. The Ordinals and Runes integration with PUPS creates a positive market sentiment. More people buy it due to FOMO, which imbalances demand and supply. Public sentiments also influence investors to invest money in it. 

Pups price chart

Now, you could ask me how this integration assures PUPS profitability. Runes is a protocol that can directly process fungible tokens like altcoins. It can perform fast and secure transactions with low costs. So, minimizing costs means more profit.

However, it is hard to predict whether PUPS will keep up the pace. Meme is a highly competitive industry, and we see new meme coins every day. So, further development depends on the dedication of the core team. 

Bitcoin itself creates positive hype for PUPS. But it would not be easy to achieve an equivalent status with prominent meme coins such as SOL, SHIB, and BONK.

But overall PUPS seems an outperforming meme coin.

PUPS price prediction?

PUPS has some innovative features that indicate bullish performance. However, predicting a meme coin requires a detailed analysis of its different features. Let’s see how PUPS is unique from other meme coins. 

  • Market cap

PUPS is a new Bitcoin ordinal token. It has become the third largest token after reaching a market cap of $371,611,640 and placing after Ordi and Sats. 

  • Trading volume

Trading volume has reached $11 million globally across all NFT collections. These incidents suggest a bullish trend for the PUPS price. 

  • Bitcoin ecosystem

The Bitcoin ecosystem chain will definitely create positive hype among people. It will help PUPS build positive market sentiments, which ultimately boost PUPS’s price.

  • Runes protocol

PUPS is the first meme coin on the Bitcoin chain. Moreover, it integrates the runes protocol. So, $PUPS has the potential to outperform in the upcoming days. Bitcoin runes attack many investors for early investment, which could instantly surge PUPS’s price.

  • Volatility

After all, PUPS is a meme coin, so don’t be surprised if you see a 60% price drop after the next day. Whatever features PUPS integrates, it will take time to be a profitable project. Every meme coin has a definite life cycle, which is also called meme psychology. So, investing in PUPS doesn’t mean risk-free, though it has a Bitcoin nameplate. 

  • Similar meme threat

Meme is a competitive industry. No single meme coin can long dominate the crypto market. You may ask me why. 

PUPS price prediction

Say you bought SHIB in 2020 and made millions of profits. Can Shiba Inu give you the same return now? Or will you invest in Shiba Inu only? 

As an investor, your mind always suggests you pick the best meme coin. Now you have BONK, PEPE & HUMP options with innovative features. 

What will you do? You will buy meme coins with the lowest price but enough potential to surge in the future. 

What should be your next thinking? Buy as much as possible with limited or fixed investment money. Are you confused?

Let’s see a simple example,

The current market price of BONK= $0.000023 (based on the article writing date)

The market price of Pepe=$0.000004801

The price of HUMP=$0.01149

You want to invest $1,000. You buy $500 equivalent Pepe, $3,00 equivalent BONK & $2,00 equivalent HUMP. So, you have distributed investment lowest to the highest price range. Smart investment moves because it diversifies your investment & lower risk.

A similar meme coin diverts people’s attention, which could be a big challenge for PUPS.

However, I am not part of the $PUPS core team, so I can’t predict how they will manage it.

Now, come to the point: how much $PUPS could surge?

Current market price=82 (article writing date)

Favorable factors=4

Unfavorable factors= 2

Growth score= (4- 2)! × 100

                           = 2! × 100

                           = 2×1×100



So, in the long-term, PUPS could surge 200%.

Minimum ($)Maximum ($)Emphasize factorsYears
34160Zero utility2024
55130Zero roadmap, 100% community focus2025
4490Political instability2026
3980Similar tokens2027
18150Extended future contact2028
71179Bitcoin chain2029
69200 (bullish=460)Runes protocol2030
PUPS price prediction

Concluding Thought

The runes integration with $PUPS definitely surged its price. PUPS is the first meme coin on the Bitcoin chain, which indicates its dominating power. As the first meme project with a Bitcoin title, it will definitely bring positive returns for investors. 

However, crypto is a risky investment, and expecting only the positive would be bullish. If the management of the $PUPS brings cutting-edge innovation over time and introduces more meme coins, then it can be a profitable project. 

Their whitepaper suggests that the project has a long-term vision to be a profitable meme coin. Their mintonomics focuses more on fair launch and less on airdrops, i.e., a zero roadmap. 

So, overall, PUPS is a buy meme coin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a UTXO? 

UTXO stands for Unspent Transaction Output, which refers to the small number of tokens that remain after crypto transactions. 

Where can you buy a PUPS meme coin?

You can buy $PUPS from any CEX & DEX platforms, such as LBank, Orca, Raydium, and Meteora. The buying process is similar to other cryptos. In LBank, you will find a PUPS/USDT pair; in Orca, you will find a PUPS/SOL trading pair.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, FinanceIdeas.org will not be liable for this.

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