Solly meme coin: Is Solly the Meme Coin You’ve Been Waiting For?

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Solly meme coin would be the next Doge or Shib,” a statement that has become a searchable topic among meme investors. Have you bought $BILLY and been looking for the next big meme coin but could not find the answer to whether $Solly would be profitable?

Crypto is a risky investment, and without a detailed study, you will lose your hard penny. So, the above questions are expected.

If you have questions about $Solly and want answers related to its price prediction, then you are in the right article. This blog article will guide you in making investment decisions and suggest whether the Solly meme coin would be the next Doge, Shib, or $BILLY.

Are you curious? Let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways

  • Solly comes with a rare tokenomics feature, such as no presale.
  • Solly featured legendary character Matt Furie’s Boys’ Club comic.
  • The project could be profitable for the short term but could be more profitable for long-term investment.
  • Solly meme coin could replicate Doge or Shib, but that would be challenging.  

What is the Solly meme coin?

Solly, a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, is not just another digital currency. It’s a unique project that brings together the wild and wacky life of Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe, the main cast from Matt Furie’s Boys’ Club comic, with the viral appeal of memes.  With the Solana network, you can experience lightning-fast transactions at a fraction of the cost. This unique blend of meme culture and blockchain technology is what sets Solly apart.

The unique features are no presale, zero taxes, burnt liquidity, and a renounced contract. Solly plans to build a diverse community with novelty memetic appeal, and you can trade it with its native token, $Solly.

Will Solly be the next Doge?

Solly has some unique features that seem profitable. But crypto investment needs analysis. So, let’s see whether Solly meme coin would be the next Doge or Shiba Inu.

  • Tax mechanism of Solly

Solly adopted a zero-tax transaction mechanism. That means you pay zero Dollars during Buy and sell. The price of meme coins is influenced by hype, and zero taxes definitely create hype among investors. Besides, the Solly project will experience increased liquidity for higher trading.  

However, hype existed for a short time; then, the project experienced a price decline, ultimately leading to negative sentiment among traders. If zero tax increases profit, how could it be a negative factor? You are right, but that is the partial story of a meme coin.

If you read my previous article, you know that meme coin is an emotional investment. Therefore, market sentiment is an inseparable part of a profitable meme coin. Tax-free transactions lower the liquid money of the project & will increase buyer’s expectations. A project needs cash to meet operating expenses. More expectations from $Solly, but minimum cash could be a growth barrier.

Will Solly be the next Doge

Another factor is Pump and Dump. Initially, more buyers will invest money to get tax-free benefits and then sell for profit. So, $Solly will pump and then dump unexpectedly.

In short, the zero-tax mechanism isn’t financially worthy of long-term investment. It is possible that Solly’s core team has a backup plan for liquid money. But we can’t be bullish on $ Solly’s performance based on assumption.

  • No presale of Solly

Presale helps a meme coin raise its initial fund through hype. The presale fund could be a backup to meet the operating expenses of a meme project and also help build a community within a short time.

However, presale is just one factor & the profitability of $Solly depends on many factors.

If we study the story of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, we can see that these two meme coins became successful without presale. Their popularity increased over time, and they became a new dream coin for most meme investors.

The core team of Solly may have a backup plan to create this type of hype, such as using the support of crypto influentials. But we can’t be bullish on that.

Pragmatically, becoming the next Doge or Shib would be challenging for the Solly meme coin. Solly lacks market trust, and building it within a short time seems challenging.  

Can the “no presale” mechanism be beneficial for buyers? Well, in both cases, buyers have the opportunity to earn higher profits with higher risks. How? Meme projects launch their projects with lower prices, which means higher selling prices than cost. On the other hand, presales come with discounted prices. So, early buying naturally gives you an opportunity to sell at a higher price. 

In short, profitability on meme coins depends on hype. We can’t predict how Solly’s core team will approach bringing it.

  • Burnt liquidity of Solly

Burnt liquidity is a marketing tactic to create hype. But how does burning liquidity bring hype? There is a simple economic theory: demand and supply. Demand against a limited quantity leads to higher prices. Similarly, higher supply against lower demand leads to lower prices.

For meme coins, burning liquidity means creating a trading pool by sending tokens and then removing those tokens from circulation to the burn address. This will create higher demand against the limited token supply by creating FOMO. Buyers will show more interest in buying $Solly for fear of missing out, and the token price will rise.

However, burning liquidity lasts for a short time, and it would be very challenging to meet buyers’ expectations if there is limited cash. Does Solly’s management have a strategy to tackle such challenges? We wish it did, but we can’t be bullish on that.

  • Revoking a contract of Solly

Revoking a contract could be a barrier for Solly Meme Coin. It could break buyers’ trust and lower trading volume. Customer sentiments play a significant role in hiking the price of Meme Coin. Similarly, negative hype could eliminate the chance of a price hike.

However, revoking access in a smart contract can increase the security of your crypto assets. The Solly project could perhaps focus on stopping unnecessary permissions in smart contracts to minimize Phishing Attacks.

So, it is a 50-50 situation, i.e., Solly one way shows a negative trend & other way indicates a positive trend. We can’t be bullish on any trend because it concerns Solly’s management. Therefore, my analysis would be neutral on whether Solly would be Doge or Shib. 

Solly price chart analysis

Solly initially shows a downward trend. It goes lowest to $0.01331 and reaches a maximum of $0.0848. The current price of $Solly is $0.02463, which is a 7.56% increase. Meme coins are commonly known for volatile price performance, and Solly doesn’t seem different from that. It is possible that $Solly needs more time to show stable price performance, or the existing features don’t support Solly being an outperforming coin.

However, Doge or Shib also showed volatile performance, but the latter became an outperforming meme coin. Another factor is time; short-term price performance doesn’t display long-term performance. So, such performance is expected.

Solly price chart analysis

I am not part of the core team of the Solly meme project, so I can’t predict or advise how they will gain price momentum over time. But as a finance professional, I would suggest the following things.

  • Market sentiment

Try to gain positive market sentiment by catching meme trends. Market trends influence buyers to invest, and more investment will raise the price.

However, Solly could automatically gain price momentum in a bullish market. If buyers continuously profit from meme coins, they will buy $Solly for a similar profit. In this case, the Solana ecosystem could be a blessing for $Solly. 

  • Internet hype

Their core team should focus on community hype by becoming a news headline. This approach will create brand awareness not only among similar folk but also among other crypto investors. Micro-communities don’t always work, so focusing on macro-communities through internet hype could be a blessing.  

  • Update features

Crypto is a thematic investment where technical development works as a nerve center. Study the market deeply & try to understand buyers’ perceptions. If the buyers don’t buy $Solly, other meme coins will fill their perceptions.

Now, as a reader, you could ask me what buyers’ perceptions of crypto investment are. Before answering your question, I want to ask you a simple question: ” Why did you read this article?” Is $ Solly a perfect match for my portfolio, or will I simply make a profit if I buy the Solly meme coin? Am I right?

The answer could differ because I can’t read your mind.

Now, come to the point, in the crypto market, buyers come to invest money with a view to making a profit. Every buyer has their own parameters to judge a meme coin & these individual parameters are called buyers’ perceptions.

Imagine a picture showing scientist Newton playing guitar. Isn’t this an interesting thematic concept for a meme project? $Solly could add such innovative features to meet buyers’ perceptions. But again, I can’t be bullish on others’ actions.

Solly price forecast?

My study finds,

Total factors= 5

Favorable factors= 1 (Tax mechanism)

Neutral factors= 3 (No presale, burnt liquidity, Solly price chart)

Negative factors= 1 (Revoking a contract)

Intrinsic value (take lowest price) = $0.01331

Solly price forecast

The growth calculation indicates that 20% is probable, and 40% from the remaining 80% could be possible if Solly’s management is dedicated enough. The table below gives details on the Solly meme coin price forecast.    

Minimum ($)Maximum ($)Years
0.013310.029556 [ for short-term profit]2024
0.02100060.044334 [ long-term profit]2028
0.0300120.04926 [bullish]2030
Solly price forecast

How to buy a SOLLY meme coin?

You can buy $Solly from any decentralized exchange platform. However, I have found Orca and Raydium to be better based on cost and overall security.

Below are the guidelines on how to buy $Solly from Orca.

How to buy a SOLLY meme coin
  • Steps-1: Buy a base crypto

First, visit the Orca site and buy Ethereum or stable coins with the USD pair. Not all Ethereum or stablecoins accept the Dollar, so check before buying.   

  • Step-2: Setup wallet

If you have MetaMusk, then transfer your base cryptos to it. MetaMusk will allow you to manage all base cryptos in one place. But remember, don’t share your private keys, and keep them safe. For those who don’t have MetaMusk, you can add it or transfer your base cryptos to any wallet. The wallet will instruct you about the next steps; just follow it, or you can expect similar steps like MetaMusk.

  • Steps-3: Buy $Solly

Connect your wallet to Orca and select $Solly. After entering the equivalent amount, check your entered data and click to process your transaction. If everything is okay, the system will show you a success message.

Concluding though

Solly meme coin has enough potential to be a profitable project. $Solly could be suitable for both types of investors, i.e., short & long-term. Its comic theme on the Solana blockchain could be a game changer.

However, expecting a similar return (Doge or Shib) from $Solly would be bullish. The project has to go a long way to catch Doge or Shib. We can’t predict how the project will integrate future contact because of a newbie.

Overall, Solly is a buy meme coin, but expecting skyrocketing profit would be bearish.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is the token supply of $Solly?

The Solly project has a total of 999,999,999 token supply.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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