SoraMala: Is SoraMala the Meme Coin that Will Make You LOL Rich?

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SoraMala is a new hope among meme investors. $SORAMALA brings webtoon with artificial intelligence hype. SoraMala featured an animal-based game and animation character developed by the Sora AI.

Could the grand market entrance of SoraMala be the next $KAI? How much could $SORAMALA surge? Such types of quarries are common among crypto investors.

However, hype doesn’t guarantee profit from crypto investment. Therefore, a detailed study is a prerequisite for crypto investment.

Do you have questions about the $SORAMALA investment? Or are you looking for a logical explanation of SoraMala? If you are serious about SoraMala investment or have any questions that I have mentioned above, then this article could be your time savior.  

Here, you will learn details about the SoraMala meme coin that will help you to make a logical crypto investment.

Are you curious? Let’s start with the following.

Key takeaways

  • SoraMala combines AI and entertainment to make it unique from the meme coin crowd.
  • $SORAMALA is the first Webtoon AI Meme Animation Crypto.
  • SORAMALA Crypto introduced an innovative staking mechanism under which 10% would be for the first year and 5% for the following year.
  • SoraMala meme coin has good potential to outperform in the future.

What is SoraMala crypto?

SoraMala is a webtoon AI meme coin. Sora is a Japanese word meaning sky, and Mala is a Chinese word meaning spicy. The project aims to combine games, art, and film with artificial intelligence. 

SoraMala launched on the Ethereum blockchain & its native token is $SORAMALA. SoraMala is a meme coin that will behave like other meme coins, i.e., it will have a volatile performance. As a result, the price of $SORAMALA will depend on market demand, adoption, and future integration. You can claim $SORAMALA by participating in presale events.

Should you invest in $SORAMALA?

$SORAMALA has enough potential to be the next Doge or Shib. However, expecting a similar performance to that of Doge or Shib without detailed analysis would be bullish. Let’s analyze how the $SORAMALA meme coin is unique from others.   

  • AI Webtoon

The core team of the SoraMala project focuses on Webtoon memes, animations, and Web3 games with AI chatbots to build a strong community. No previous crypto brings a Webtoon-based thematic concept together with Artificial intelligence. 

Moreover, Webtoon has positive trends that help stabilize token prices. Overall, $SORAMALA seems to outperform meme coins.

  • Soramala staking

The project offers staking rewards for holders. A total of 15 billion tokens are allocated, and the rate of staking rewards is 3805 $SORAMALA tokens for each successful Ethereum block. You need to lock tokens for a set period (2 years), and the system will give you a percentage of the network’s reward.  

How does this staking mechanism help Sora Mala? Well, investors’ prime objective is to make money, and this staking gives them an opportunity to earn passive income. All meme coins focus on community building, and Soramala crypto is doing the same thing with its staking mechanism. So, the project has a vision to be a unique community-based meme coin.  

  • Soramala Presale 

Usually, less than 50% of the tokens allocated for presale suggest equal priority for initial buyers and public investors. A balanced token (30:70) approach indicates the sustainability of the project because buyers will invest more.

Perhaps Soramala’s management read this question and allocated 25% tokens for presale purposes. The core team of Soramala Crypto is working toward a long-term vision that suggests profitability.

Should you invest in $SORAMALA

In short, the project wants to bring market trust & long-term sustainability. 

  • Funds for Soramala 

The imbalance between current expenses and liabilities stops the project’s growth. So, liquid money is crucial for any crypto project. Crypto is a hype investment due to its volatile performance. No other investment skyrocketed overnight, like meme coins. Therefore, maintaining buyers’ hype is difficult. 

During the skyrocketing price surge, buyers expected more and became bullish investors. He will inspire others to buy more tokens, and the project will see FOMO trends.  

A cash shortage slows project growth because of not meeting current obligations. So, buyers will see it as a not-promising crypto. Similarly, buyers will demotivate others to buy it and raise questions about its profitability.

  • Does the core team of Soramala analyze fund requirement?

From the whitepaper, we can see that the project allocated 15% tokens for project funds. So, they have understood the necessity of liquid cash for long-term sustainable development. That means Soramala suggests a promising meme investment.  

  • Liquidity for Soramala

External Funds are unreliable; they will expire or limit after a certain period. Therefore, the project needs to be reserved to ensure price stability. The core team of Soramala has allocated 15% tokens for liquidity, which is a good approach to maintaining better performance.

So, the project studies the market deeply to sustain it in the long term.

  • Exchanges for Soramala

Listing with reputable crypto exchange platforms can create positive market sentiment. It could boost liquid money by increasing holder numbers. Additionally, a tier-1 centralized exchange helps build a reliable community that assures project sustainability.

According to the whitepaper, $SORAMALA allocates revenue of 5% tokens for exchange listing. From a crypto perspective, this is one of the strategic moves toward FOMO. Hype is an inseparable part of the meme coin.

So, the core team of Soramala analyzes the psychology of meme investors.

  • Marketing of Soramala

Memes combine hype and a thematic concept. A strategic marketing approach helps promote the thematic concept and creates brand awareness. Soramala has a thematic AI concept with positive trends.

So, targeting the right audience with effective marketing could bring long-term financial benefits to Soramala.

The project allocates 25% tokens for marketing, which suggests a clear understanding of meme coins. The core team of Soramala emphasizes awareness, adoption, and community engagement through marketing.

  • Promoters of Soramala

We need details about Soramala’s promoters. Before investing in any crypto, it is essential to understand how the promoters withdraw funds.

Now, you may ask me why. $Soramala has an expert team and looks like a promising project. You are right. It has many good features that could influence more investors and collect funds easily. However, a pragmatic investment approach could lower risk and hike profit potential.

Let’s see an example: Soramala has successfully raised funds and become a trending meme coin. So, more investors try to buy it due to FOMO. After a few months, some promoters withdraw money without noticing anyone. Or, promoters start to withdraw money frequently from the project. In this case, you will experience a $ Pepe-like situation, such as an instant price fall and limited external contacts, which ultimately leads to a die crypto.

However, I am not bullish that such an incident is coming. Knowing details could make an investment more secure. Based on this point of view, my analysis of the price surge of Soramala would be bearish.

  • A similar crypto threat against Soramala

AI is a trending industry, and its adoption has gradually increased in all spheres of life. Additionally, Soramala Crypto featured webtoon memes, animations, Web3 games, and AI chatbots, all of which are popular internet memes.

However, a trending thematic investment could rebirth a multi-meme coin against Soramala. Do the core team think about a similar coin threat? Another factor is that similar meme coins could come with a more expert and reliable team than Soramala crypto. So, easy gain from $Soramala is not a reality.

Therefore, the management of the project must clearly explain the Similar crypto threat. I am not a part of the core team, so I can’t be bullish on the actions of Soramala’s team.

Soramala Price Forecast

My analysis finds,

Favorable factors= 7

Unfavorable factors= 2

Intrinsic value (take presale price) = $0.000274

Growth score= (Favorable factors – unfavorable factors) × 100

                            = (7 -2)! × 100

                            = (5!) × 100

                            = (5×4×3×2×1) × 100



So, Soramala crypto could surge up to 12000% in the long term. The table below gives details on the $SORAMALA price forecast.    

Minimum ($)Maximum ($)Years
0.00027 +/-0. 0.00135 +/-2024
0.00137 +/-0.002467 +/-2025
0.002461 +/-0.00324 +/-2026
0.00301 +/-0.0137 +/-2027
0.0131 +/-0. 02192 +/-2028
0.01901 +/-0.0274 +/-2029
0.02710.03288 (bullish)2030
Soramala Price Forecast

How to buy SoraMala?

SoraMala offers many options for buying its tokens. However, if you are looking for passive income, I recommend purchasing on Ethereum. Below is the detailed procedure for buying SoraMala.  

  • Step-1 visit $SoraMala site

First, visit the SoraMala website and click on “connect wallet” (right side of the page). Here, you will see two options: connect your wallet or buy with BNB. If you choose BNB to buy $SORAMALA, you will not get staking rewards of 19463% during presale.

$SoraMala site
  • Step-2: connect wallet

Click on the connect wallet option. You will see four wallets: MetaMask, Wallet Connects, Coinbase Wallet, and Best Wallet. Pick one from these.

connect soramala wallet

If you don’t have one of them or like other wallet options, click on the “I don’t have a wallet” option.

soramala other wallets
  • Step-3: Buy $SoraMala

You can buy 1 Soramala with $0.000274 and choose ETH, USDT, or Card as a payment method. Enter equivalent ETH or USDT and confirm the purchase. If your order is successful, the system will give you a congratulatory message.

Concluding Thought

SoraMala seems like a promising meme coin project. It has added some unique features that make It different from a traditional meme coin.

However, unique features don’t eliminate $SORAMALA’s volatile performance. The meme is commonly known for its price fluctuations, and Soramala is not exceptional. Keep in mind that $SORAMALA is not for short-term gain; instead, the project suggests long-term investment. Therefore, expecting quick profit from it would be bullish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply of Soramala?

The project has a total supply of 100,000,000,000Tokens. However, the project doesn’t clearly say that 100,000,000,000 is the ultimate number. It is also possible that core team will add more tokens after the first presale.

Is SORAMALA a minted token? 

Yes, SORAMALA is a token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. A Web3 wallet has been added to support the minted process on the Ethereum network.


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, will not be liable for this.

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