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What is SoraMala crypto?

SoraMala is a webtoon AI meme coin. Sora is a Japanese word meaning sky, and Mala is a Chinese word meaning spicy. The project aims to combine games, art, and film with artificial intelligence. 

SoraMala launched on the Ethereum blockchain & its native token is $SORAMALA. 

SoraMala is a meme coin that will behave like other meme coins, i.e., it will have a volatile performance. As a result, the price of $SORAMALA will depend on market demand, adoption, and future integration. You can claim $SORAMALA by participating in presale events.

Should you invest in $SORAMALA?

  • AI Webtoon

The core team of the SoraMala project focuses on Webtoon memes, animations, and Web3 games with AI chatbots to build a strong community. No previous crypto brings a Webtoon-based thematic concept together with Artificial intelligence. 

Moreover, Webtoon has positive trends that help stabilize token prices. Overall, $SORAMALA seems to outperform meme coins.

  • Soramala staking

The project offers staking rewards for holders. A total of 15 billion tokens are allocated, and the rate of staking rewards is 3805 $SORAMALA tokens for each successful Ethereum block. You need to lock tokens for a set period (2 years), and the system will give you a percentage of the network’s reward.  

How does this staking mechanism help Sora Mala? Well, investors’ prime objective is to make money, and this staking gives them an opportunity to earn passive income. All meme coins focus on community building, and Soramala crypto is doing the same thing with its staking mechanism. So, the project has a vision to be a unique community-based meme coin.  

  • Soramala Presale 

Usually, less than 50% of the tokens allocated for presale suggest equal priority for initial buyers and public investors. A balanced token approach indicates the sustainability of the project because buyers will invest more.

Perhaps Soramala’s management read this question and allocated 25% tokens for presale purposes. The core team of Soramala Crypto is working toward a long-term vision that suggests profitability.

In short, the Soramala crypto project wants to bring market trust & long-term sustainability. 

  • Funds for Soramala 

The imbalance between current expenses and liabilities stops the project’s growth. So, liquid money is crucial for any crypto project. Crypto is a hype investment due to its volatile performance. No other investment skyrocketed overnight, like meme coins. Therefore, maintaining buyers’ hype is difficult. 

During the skyrocketing price surge, buyers expected more and became bullish investors. He will inspire others to buy more tokens, and the project will see FOMO trends.  

A cash shortage slows project growth because of not meeting current obligations. So, buyers will see it as a not-promising crypto. Similarly, buyers will demotivate others to buy it and raise questions about its profitability.

  • Does the core team of Soramala analyze fund requirement?

From the whitepaper, we can see that the project allocated 15% tokens for project funds. So, they have understood the necessity of liquid cash for long-term sustainable development. That means Soramala suggests a promising meme investment.  


This is not a Sponsored post & the purpose of this article is only education. By reading this, you agree that the information of this blog article is not crypto investing advice. Do your own research before making any financial decision. Therefore, if you lost any money, FinanceIdeas.org will not be liable for this.

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