TEA Meme coin

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What is a TEA Meme coin?

TEA is a community meme token on the Solana blockchain. The project aims to bring purity to life through traditional tea culture. The unique part is that the core team targets century-old tea lovers through meme culture. Also, it focuses on DeFi, Sustainability, and education for everyone with minimum cost on the Solana network. You can trade this crypto with its native token, $TEA.

  • Presale & Bonuses mechanism of $Tea

The project allocates 33% of the token for initial sales and bonuses. The amount allocated for presale depends on the project’s goal and financial requirements. Usually, 20 to 30% is considered safe for a crypto project.

Similarly, how much revenue from tokens should be allocated for bonuses also depends on how the core team targets early investors. However, 5 to 15% is usually considered safe for a crypto project. If you need more clarification, let’s see the following conditions;

  1. The core team of $TEA wants to give more priority to its early buyers because of the quick funds. In this case, up to 15% could be a standard figure for bonuses. The drawback is that most of the buyers consider it a loss project and buy fewer tokens.

2. The core team wants to give equal priorities to both types of investors. In this case, allocating 8% would be a standard. The buyers will assume that the TEA meme project doesn’t heavily depend on initial sales and focuses more on long-term growth. So, buyers will invest more money to buy $TEA.      

According to the white paper of $TEA, the management of the TEA project allocates 33% of tokens for presale and bonuses. We don’t know how many tokens are for presale and bonuses. If we take the maximum figure, it could be 45% (30% + 15%) and the minimum 25% (20% + 5%). If we take the average figure, it would be 35%, which is slightly bigger than 33%.

I would not say that the core team of $TEA implements bad $TEACONOMICS. Perhaps they emphasize the combined effort to balance buyers’ expectations by giving financial incentives.

Therefore, my analysis would be slightly positive on the performance of the TEA meme coin.     


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