Twilio stock forecast

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Twilio market cap?

Twilio is a leading cloud communications company that specializes in API-based messaging, voice, and video applications. Twilio captured a significant market from 2020 to 2021 but later lost big portions. Remote lifestyle helps Twilio capture more of the market. A similar type of company is unable to defeat Twilio due to its long-term market reputation. 

Market cap ($ billion)Years
Twilio market cap

However, ups & downs are a common nature of every company. The massive market cap of Twilio forced other companies to invest in the cloud industry, which ultimately became competitors of Twilio. 

If you notice market cap data, you will find a significant drop from 2022 to 2024. So, we can’t be bullish that Twilio will always dominate the cloud communication market. However, Twilio’s overall market growth from 2018 to 2024 is about 18%, which suggests their strong commitment to a comeback. 

Competitors of Twilio?

Twilio offers diverse products & services such as Voice, SMS, Chat, Video, Email, Auth & Flex. Each product has strengths & weaknesses similar to its competitors. The strength of the product line helps to expand the market & weakness limits market presence. 

The table below gives details on Twilio’s competitors.

CompetitorsMarket cap ($ billion)StrengthWeakness
Twilio10.60Brand reputation, diverse product line, experience developer team.High price & limited international market.  
Vonage2.45Affordable price, international market, enterprise solutions.Limited developer community compared to Twilio, less diverse product portfolio
Plivo0.50Transparent pricing, user friendly.Limited brand awareness, smaller product portfolio compared to larger players
Bandwidth2.87Strong infrastructure, competitive pricing, high-capacity platformLimited product, lack of developer experience.
TelnyxN/AAffordable price, global market, pay-as-you-go modelLess brand value, small market
Sinch2.20Diverse product line, dominate Europe market.Less international market, complex pricing methods
Twilio Competitors


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