Affine has Integrated with CCIP on Ethereum and Polygon mainnet.

Affine is decentralized finance that wants to secure cross-chain NFT Functionality.

The core team of Affine believe that this integration will secure and fast NFT transaction between these supported networks.

To do this, Affine is leveraging CCIP’s arbitrary messaging abilities “to help build cross-chain NFT linking functionality for Affine Pass NFTs.

Affine team believe that the past proven track record of Chainlink is capable of maintaining security and reliability in Web3.

In order to help  secure its cross-chain NFT bridging, Affine needed access “to a highly secure and reliable interoperability solution.

Affine needs a highly secure & reliable interoperability network to secure its cross-chain NFT connecting.

CCIP is backed by a Risk Management Network that can monitor cross-chain operations for any irregular activity.

Moreover, Chainlink CCIP secured billions of dollars in smart contracts and helped over $8 trillion in on-chain transactions.

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