TokenFi facilitates users to tokenize real-world assets without coding skills.

TokenFi will also facilitate users to launch different crypto & collect funds from the Floki community.

The aim of RAW (real-world assets) is to digitize tangible assets, such as real estate or vehicles, to make them accessible in decentralized finance applications.

Many crypto experts believe  that if this happen, then it would be  a “trillion-dollar opportunity.

With the vision of this, TokenFi will initially launch on Ethereum, BNB Chain, opBNB, Base, and Arbitrum.

Initially, TokenFi launched on Ethereum and BNB Chain networks with a diluted market capitalization of $500,000.

TokenFi supply will be 5 billion on BNB Chain and 5 billion on Ethereum.

TokenFi Platform works as a direct link to market makers and exchanges to assist in liquidation.

Floki token holders can earn rewards by locking Floki tokens between 3 months to 4 years.

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