Sonik could be the fastest-growing meme because it has a similar theme to the pepe coin.

Sonik Coin is a stake-to-earn meme coin that sparks interest among the meme community.

Sonik Coin was created by Sonic the Hedgehog character.

Sonik coin sold 50% of 299,792,458,000 token supply in presale & raised $2.1m.

Sonik coin has collected huge funds despite the crypto market being down.

Crypto expert agrees that Sonik could reach a $200 million market cap, which indicates a 50x return.

Sonik's audit report doesn’t signal security worries, which means it is suitable for investment.

The current estimated annual percentage yield (APY) is 120% & ongoing rewards are a total of 9,125 per simulated block.

But, will Sonik be able to assure traders from recent pepe coin internal trading? Comments now