Kangamoon is an ERC-20 token that focuses on kangaroo passionate about boxing.

$Kang is based on the Ethereum blockchain with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000.

The present price of one KANG is $0.005

Kang token integrates play-to-earn elements to monetize the gaming period.

KangaMoon is similar to Pikamoon, building a solid community for meme enthusiasts.

Kangamoon is a decentralized-based player-centric network like Pikaverse.

Kangamoon allows you to create characters based on your abilities.

Gaming networks allow you to challenge players to fight & tournaments to prove your skill.

You can earn digital currency & gaming items by winning matches.

You can also trade gaming items or exchange virtual currency in the gaming marketplace.

Crypto analysts predict that KANG could surge up to 220% after presale.

Also, if KANG tokens are listed with reputable crypto exchanges, it could surge up to 350%.

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