Rizz Monkey (RZZMNKY) is a meme coin built on the BSC Chain.

Rizz Monkey was created by focusing on animal rights initiatives.

Rizz Monkey's team allocates 0.069% of tokens to support the monkey charity.

Rizz Monkey has the crypto community abuzz that can make it an alternative Pepe.

The presale of RZZMNKY is divided into three stages & stage one presales started with $0.000005637.

Then, each subsequent presale stage will increase by $0.000006264.

The total Rizz Monkey tokens supply is 696969696, referring to the “nice” number.

55% of the tokens have been allocated for presale and 20% for exchange listings.

The team gets 20% of the supply, while 5% has been set aside for marketing.

The team allocated 55% tokens for presale & 20% for exchange listing.

The team will get 20% token supply & rest of the 5% will be used for marketing.

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