The rise of Bitcoin 2.0 beyond the Bitcoin

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The rise of Bitcoin 2.0 news has skyrocketed in recent finance magazines. Bitcoin investors show curiosity about Bitcoin 2.0 as it has many advanced features to secure investment. But Bitcoin 2.0 is a next-generation coin needing more historical data. Therefore, as a Bitcoin investor, you may have several questions.

Are you interested to know detail about Bitcoin 2.0? If yes, then you are in the right article.

This blog article describes everything about Bitcoin 2.0 that will help you understand whether Bitcoin 2.0 is a Smart Investment Move. Let’s start with the following: 

 Key takeaways:

  • Bitcoin 2.0 could be profitable for four years of investment. If you want more profit, invest for up to 2029 or 2030.
  • Buy Bitcoin 2.0 with maximum down value & divide your total investment into equal portions. By doing so, you can earn more profit by holding many coins.
  • Bitcoin 2.0 bring many promising features to secure its future, but analysis suggests it has a promising future for long-term investment.
  •  If you are patient enough, you can invest in Bitcoin 2.0. Because Bitcoin 2.0 is a new coin with good growth potential. Therefore, it needs time to become a profitable investment. 

What is the new Bitcoin 2.0?

Bitcoin 2.0 is a Bitcoin-based community-centric cryptocurrency that operates under the Ethereum platform. It can support decentralized finance & can maintain transactional transparency by master node network. Master Nod is the head of blockchain technology that easy coin exchange with high-level security. 

For example, if you decide to send a transaction, bitcoin2.0 can confirm it within a second due to its custom proof-of-stake protocol. Also, it has SwiftTX that helps to process, verified & guaranteed instantly. 

Little confused, right? Because Bitcoin belongs to Binance. Why Ethereum? So, your next question should be:

Does Binance introduce Bitcoin 2.0?

No, Bitcoin 2.0 is introduced by a developer team to create a codebase scalable version of old Bitcoin. This developer team introduced themselves as Bitcoin 2.0 team. Bitcoin was introduced by also some unknown developer who introduced themselves by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto

Though the exact name is unknown, below the table shows some details about two prominent people on the Bitcoin 2.0 team:  

J.R. WillettJ.R. Willett is a US citizen & founder of Mastercoin. He lives in San Francisco, California & born in 1977 in Austin, Texas.
David IrvineDavid Irvine is a Scottish citizen & founder of MaidSafe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland & born in 1972 in Glasgow.
Bitcoin 2.0 team

Your next question could be how Bitcoin 2.0 differs from Bitcoin.  

Why is Bitcoin 2.0 different from Bitcoin?

Because it is designed to fill up the gap of Bitcoin, Bitcoin 2.0 is a next-generation crypto coin with scalable features. Bitcoin 2.0 can automate Bitcoin transactions due to its Smart contracts feature, whereas Bitcoin does not have Smart contracts. 

For example, Bitcoin 2.0 has a larger block size compared to Bitcoin. That means Bitcoin 2.0 can handle more transactions per second compared to Bitcoin.

Have you understood the difference? If yes, your next question could be the future of Bitcoin 2.0. 

What is the future of Bitcoin 2.0?

The future of Bitcoin 2.0 is promising. As a new bitcoin, it has many features to be a profitable investment. Its future is still being determined in the short term, but Bitcoin 2.0 can give you 500X ROI in a long time.

Below are some factors that can make the future of Bitcoin 2.0 secure:

Advanced features: The developer team of Bitcoin 2.0 aim to introduce fast, safe, decentralized, and private elements. These features will increase the adoption rate & lower transaction fees. 

Rewards system: Due to its multiple trading platforms, you can earn rewards by stacking via blockchain. You can create valid blocks until you hit maximum supply & will get a transaction fees waiver for the proper block.

Innovative Technology: The development team of Bitcoin 2.0 is working hard to detect anonymity in crypto transactions. Therefore, they have introduced the Dandelion protocol, an advanced network layer that can quickly recognize anonymity & secure transaction history.

Mobile payment option: The core team of Bitcoin 2.0 is partnered with a mobile app called mobile point-of-sale payment service to provide maximum user facilities.

Have you found some interest in Bitcoin 2.0? If the answer is yes, then you may ask where to buy Bitcoin 2.0. right.

How do I buy Bitcoin 2.0? 

You can buy Bitcoin 2.0 from or StakeCube through the CoinMarketCap website. Each platform has a unique system to process your transaction. One venue may need extra steps to exchange Bitcoin 2.0 more than others. 

For example, you don’t need a wallet if you want to buy BTC 2.0 with fiat currency. Just choose the option & pay with your credit card. 

Where to buy Bitcoin 2.0
How to buy Bitcoin 2.0

Below are the steps that you have to follow to purchase Bitcoin 2.0:

Step-1: Visit CoinMarketCap: Here, search Btc2 or Bitcoin2 & tap on the market button beside the price chart. Then you will see the purchase list with currency and select which pair suits you. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin 2.0 in US Dollars, choose BTC2/USD.   

Step-2: analyze platform: Bitcoin 2.0 purchase list shows you three exchange platforms: for US Dollar, StakeCube for BTC & another StakeCube for SCC. These three options have different security, liquidity & trust ability. Therefore, before choosing any platform, do comprehensive research.  

Step-3: Buy Bitcoin 2.0 with the chosen platform: This is the time to buy your Bitcoin 2.0 based on your convenience. Buying Bitcoin 2.0 with US Dollars is more straightforward than buying Bitcoin 2.0 with another crypto coin. 

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin 2.0 with another crypto, you first need to create a Bitcoin 2.0-supported wallet. Then, you have to balance currency then transfer it to buy Bitcoin 2.0 from your selected platform.

If you are ready to buy Bitcoin 2.0, then your next question is the price of one Bitcoin 2.0.  

How much is 2.0 Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin 2.0 is $1.09. The right price of one Bitcoin 2.0 is impossible because it fluctuates frequently. 

For example, Bitcoin 2 was $1 after one day, which means 8.25% down. Then, it reached $1.18, 18% higher than the previous price. On average, Bitcoin 2 shows a 1.99% increase in value. 

Did you read the above article patiently? If yes, then you may ask me about the forecasting price of Bitcoin 2.0. 

What is btc2 price prediction? 

Bitcoin 2.0 could reach a maximum of $1.16 in 2023. Now, the total supply of Bitcoin 2.0 is $17954381.09, and the market cap is $21,359,483, which means Bitcoin 2.0 has good potential to grow. 

As a finance professional, I suggest you focus on the long-term because Bitcoin is a long-term investment game. Though the choice of investment is a matter of individual, I have predicted the short-term and long-term price of Bitcoin 2.0. 

Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction method used:

There are many methods to predict Bitcoin 2.0 price. Among them, technical analysis & fundamental analysis are familiar. Technical analysis needs past data, whereas fundamental analysis estimates the intrinsic value of Bitcoin 2.0 by analyzing economic, financial, and qualitative factorsBitcoin 2.0 is a new version with an advanced feature; therefore, it lacks historical data. For this reason, I have used fundamental analysis to predict Bitcoin 2.0 price. 

It is assumed that as a new coin with a unique feature, Bitcoin 2.0 can complete the following things over time:

Upgrade technology: Capability to add cryptography or lighting network for smooth & low-priced transactions. 

Market trend: Bitcoin 2.0 will follow market demand & capable of meeting that demand to perform better in the crypto market.

Adoption rate: Bitcoin 2.0 will partner with big companies to upgrade trading platforms and be backed by celebrities or famous business personalities. 

Development team: The developer team of Bitcoin 2.0 will have the skill to add innovation to counter competitors.

SEC regulation: It is assumed that the crypto regulatory body will support Bitcoin 2.0 & do not impose anything that may stop its growth.

International Economy: Political instability & global economy down negatively impact Bitcoin’s value. As the world is recovering from the Pandemic, we can expect stable days to come. In finance, a familiar proverb is every project needs a good time to be profitable; in the same way, we have assumed that global economic factors will support Bitcoin 2.0 to hike its price.  

Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction: 

Below, the table shows both the long-term & short-term prices of Bitcoin 2.0from August 2023 to 31st December 2030. 

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2023 – Up to $0.77

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
August$0.46  $.81            $1.150.69
September$.42     $.91            $1.110.69
October$.46     $1.05            $1.160.70
November$.45     $.47            $1.110.66
December$.44     $.93            $1.130.69
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2023

Bitcoin 2 Price Prediction for 2024 – Up to $1.28

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$1.03  $1.10            $1.170.14
February$1.05  $1.16            $1.230.2
March$1.11  $1.20            $1.280.17
April$1.13  $1.15            $1.170.04
May$1.14  $1.20            $1.230.09
June$1.11  $1.20            $1.270.16
Jully$1.12  $1.14            $1.320.2
August$1.13  $1.16            $1.300.17
September$1.09  $1.21            $1.340.25
October$1.12  $1.24            $1.280.12
November$1.13  $1.16            $1.280.15
December$1.13  $1.16            $1.280.15
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2024

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2025- Up to $1.83

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$1.51  $1.69            $1.820.31
February$1.54                 $1.71            $1.92  0.38
March$1.55  $1.58            $1.73  0.18
April$1.53  $1.73            $1.89  0.36
May$1.50  $1.55            $1.900.40
June$1.55  $1.85            $1.900.35
Jully$1.53  $1.54            $1.590.06
August$1.53  $1.69            $1.740.21
September$1.51$1.65            $1.78  0.27
October$1.54  $1.71            $1.84  0.30
November$1.53  $1.70            $1.830.30
December$1.52                 $1.79            $1.840.32
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2025

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2026- Up to $2.25

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$2.02                 $2.06  $2.150.13
February$2.03  $2.13                 $2.210.18
March$2.01  $2.03  $2.19  0.18
April$2.0     $2.04  $2.17  0.17
May$2.02  $2.13  $2.210.19
June$2.01  $2.16  $2.220.21
Jully$2.03$2.17  $2.230.2
August$2.03  $2.10  $2.15  0.12
September$2.01  $2.29  $2.400.39
October$2.03  $2.08  $2.170.14
November$2.02$2.04  $2.380.36
December$2.01  $2.15                 $2.41  0.4
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2026

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2027 – Up to $2.04

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$1.79  $1.92            $2.02  0.23
February$1.78  $1.88$2.120.34
March$1.78$1.85            $2.010.23
April$1.78  $1.93            $2.01                 0.23
May$1.78  $1.89$2.060.28
June$1.77                 $1.79            $1.850.08
Jully$1.80  $1.85            $2.130.33
August$1.80$1.85            $2.100.30
September$1.79$1.80            $1.84  0.05
October$1.81$2.06            $2.130.32
November$1.78  $1.80            $2.040.26
December$1.90  $2.01            $2.110.21
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2027

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2028 – Up to $2.75

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$2.50  $2.52  $2.70                 0.23
February$2.49  $2.59  $2.750.34
March$2.51  $2.77  $2.80  0.23
April$2.49$2.58  $2.60                 0.23
May$2.47  $2.61  $2.74  0.28
June$2.49                 $2.60                 $2.79  0.08
Jully$2.50$2.53  $2.54  0.33
August$2.50  $2.59$2.700.30
September$2.50  $2.77  $2.86  0.05
October$2.51  $2.55$2.900.32
November$2.51                 $2.56  $2.890.26
December$2.50  $2.71$2.800.21
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2028

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2029- Up to $3.85

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$3.54                 $3.79            $3.88                                0.34
February$3.59  $3.70            $3.890.30
March$3.55  $3.80            $3.940.39
April$3.56  $3.69            $3.96  0.40
May$3.57                 $3.65            $3.780.21
June$3.56                 $3.67            $3.850.29
Jully$3.55$3.72            $3.760.21
August$3.57  $3.62            $3.820.25
September$3.56  $3.60            $3.72  0.16
October$3.57  $3.84            $3.890.32
November$3.58                                $3.70            $3.900.32
December$3.58  $3.61            $3.710.13
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2029

Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction for 2030 – Up to $5.44

MonthsLowestMeanMaximumRange=Maximum-Lowest (Shows how much price can fluctuate)
January$5.16  $5.33  $5.38                 0.22
February$5.18  $5.25  $5.340.16
March$5.19  $5.33  $5.470.28
April$5.18$5.39  $5.480.30
May$5.17                 $5.43  $5.560.39
June$5.18  $5.22                 $5.300.12
Jully$5.15  $5.37  $5.550.40
August$5.18  $5.23  $5.540.36
September$5.16$5.18  $5.210.05
October$5.15$5.40  $5.420.27
November$5.17                                $5.36  $5.410.24
December$5.16$5.19   $5.58     0.42
Bitcoin 2.0 price prediction 2030
Bitcoin 2.0 Price Prediction
BTC2 price prediction

Bitcoin 2.0 shows positive growth signs over time. Started with $0.77 & consecutively increased price up to 4 years. In the fifth year, the price was down 9.34% & then sequentially hiked value up to 8 years. Here, the 7th year & 8th years show more growth potential. If you are patient enough & looking for more profit, you can invest for 7 or 8 years.

If you are here reading the above article patiently, you will ask me how you can invest in Bitcoin 2.0.

How can I invest in Bitcoin 2.0?

You can invest in Bitcoin 2.0 by using Dollar-Cost Averaging in Action investment strategy. 

Though many Bitcoin investment methods exist, Dollar-Cost Averaging in Action is best for all Bitcoin investors because it works best against price fluctuation. 

Let’s understand it from the following investment scenario:

Natalie wants to invest $600 in Bitcoin 2.0 at the start of each consecutive month. Her investment portfolio is:

First months=$200

Second months=$200

Third months=$200

Natalie focuses on price volatility & decides to invest when the price of Bitcoin 2.0 is down.

Investment scenario-1: Natalie buys Bitcoin 2.0 worth $200 when its price is down to 0.46$. So, Natalie will get a total (200 ÷ 0.46) 434.782609 coin. If she invests $1.15 for each token, she will get (200 ÷ 1.15) 173.913043 bitcoin. 

Imagine Natalie sells all Bitcoin 2.0 with a per-coin value of $2. So,

Profit ($0.46) = Sales – Cost

                       = ($2×434.782609) – $200

                       =$869.565218- $200


Profit ($1.15) = Sales – Cost

                       = ($2×173.913043) – $200

                        =$347.826086- $200


Margin difference= $669.565218 – $147.826086


Investment scenario-2: Say Natalie buys Bitcoin 2.0 with the next $200 when its price is $1.51. So, Natalie will get a total (200 ÷ 1.51) 132.450331 coin. For investing $1.82 for each, she will get (200 ÷ 1.82) 109.89011 tokens. 

If Natalie sells all Bitcoin 2.0 with per coin value of $2.40, then;

      Profit ($1.51) = Sales – Cost

                            = ($2.40×132.450331) – $200

                            =$317.880794- $200


       Profit ($1.82) = Sales – Cost

                            = ($2.40×109.89011) – $200

                            =$263.736264- $200


Margin difference= $117.880794- $63.736264


Investment scenario-3: Natalie buys Bitcoin 2.0 with another $200 at $5.16. So, Natalie will get a total (200 ÷ 5.16) of 38.7596899 coins. If she invests $5.38 for each, she will get (200 ÷ 5.38) 37.1747212 tokens. 

Imagine Natalie sells all Bitcoin 2.0 with per coin value of $6.40, then;

      profit ($5.16) = Sales – Cost

                            = ($6.40×38.7596899) – $200

                            =$248.062015- $200


       profit ($5.38) = Sales – Cost

                            = ($6.40×37.1747212) – $200

                            =$237.918216- $200


Margin difference= $48.062015- $37.918216


Concluding Thought

Bitcoin 2.0 has many revolutionary features compared to Bitcoin. For successful investment, you have to focus on the long-term & estimate the capability of the project to accomplish those features. Bitcoin 2.0 is a project with good potential to grow over time. But, Bitcoin 2.0 needs time to explore its vast potential, therefore; for medium profit, invest for up to 4 years & maximum return, invest for 7 or 8 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bitcoin 2.0 release date is?

February 5, 2018. Bitcoin 2.0 is a chance for those who missed Bitcoin. Bitcoin 2.0 is an innovative coin that seeks to bring fun & humor to the crypto community.  For example, Bitcoin 2.0 is a new version of Bitcoin whose aim is to fill up the gap of old Bitcoin. Bitcoin 2.0 combines value & familiarity with the help of a rich Ethereum network. 

Can I add Bitcoin 2.0 to MetaMask?

Yes. You can add Bitcoin 2.0 to MetaMask by importing Bitcoin 2.0 as a token. You can also do it by installing MetaMask’s Chrome extension. Adding Bitcoin 2.0 to MetaMask has many trading benefits.

For example, you can see the token holdings list, how trade is going on decentralized exchanges, take control of your fund & the benefits of zero exchange fees. 

 0.2 bitcoin to USD is?

0.2 BTC is equal to 5983.18 USD (at the time of writing my article). But the rate can fluctuate due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin. Let’s understand it mathematically, 

1 BTC=0.2×5

Now, the value of 0.2 BTC = 5983.18 USD  

So, the value of 1 BTC = 5983.18×5 USD

                                    =29,915.9 USD


The information provided in this article is just the author’s view & only for educational purposes. Bitcoin price forecasting can vary based in financial experience & price indicator factors. Also, this is not a sponsor article. Do your research before making any investment decision. By reading this, you agree that the information is not investment advice. Therefore, will not be liable for your financial loss.   


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